Spanish Language Courses in Varanasi

Foreign Classes is one of the highly-respected Spanish Institute in Varanasi providing excellent courses and encouraging classes. Since inception, the group of experienced faculties has trained many people including students, working professionals, trained diplomats, businessman, housewives, artists, travelers, and many more people. The highly experienced faculties use cutting-edge and proven teaching methodologies to make the foreign language learning experience a great fun.

Why Spanish Language?

Spanish, the widely spoken language in terms of numbers of countries and speakers becomes the dominant language. More and more people are showing the great interest in learning this lingo because of the following reasons:

  • More than 400 million people are speaking Spanish
  • The third most widely spoken language globally after English and Mandarin.
  • There will be around 530 million Spanish speakers after a few years
  • It is the official language in 21 nations
  • Enjoy Spanish entertainment and education
  • British is swapping the French for Spanish

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Spanish learning is not only about studying or practicing the Spanish grammar, sentence, articles, preposition or other literature but it includes more. We, at Foreign Classes, provide the innovative and engaging Spanish Classes in Varanasi that aims to improve the personality of a student, maximize their self-confidence, and enhance the career proficiency and knowledge level.

Foreign Classes provide the unique language learning experience making student to learn the foreign language quickly and efficiently. Spanish courses and cultural experiences are combined to help learners grasp more beyond what they are expecting to fully immerse in the language and culture of Spanish. 

The faculty members merge their intense knowledge, experience, and passion to provide learners the amazing experience of a lifetime. We love the Spanish language, its culture, and literature and make all the possible efforts to develop the same interest among the learners who just need some professional assistance and guidance.

The courses are –

We at Foreign Classes aim to promote the Spanish language learning by providing the quality education. Our Spanish Language Course in Varanasi is designed considering the requirement of each and every student. We provide the best courses for qualified Spanish language teachers. They remain confidently communicative in approach to the huge scope of several interactive activities.

A1 (Basic certificate)

This is the best course for those who have no knowledge of the Spanish language as it helps them to develop enough linguistic calibers for the simple expressions used in the world of Spanish speaking.

A2 (Elementary certificate)

It is the little bit advanced level of A1 in which a learner develops the sufficient linguistic ability for learning the simple and immediate importance of expressions practice in the Spanish-speaking world such as local geography, family information, etc.

B1 (Intermediate certificate)

After learning this course, a student able to understand the Spanish expressions and respond correctly in everyday circumstances for showing the desires on an intermediate level.

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)

It helps a learner to deal effectively with everyday situations in common communicative conditions that don’t need the focused use of Spanish.

C1 (Advanced certificate)

C1 Spanish Courses in Varanasi equips a learner with the ability to understand the lengthy text with complex level and identify the meaning behind them. They are able to converse fluently without any hesitation or interruption.

C2 (Proficient certificate)

This is the best course for students who already have the knowledge of Spanish and just want to enhance it. This course provides the in-depth understanding of the Spanish language.