Spanish Language Courses in Vadodara

Welcome to Our institute of Foreign Languages. Today figuring out how to speak, write and read a language with expert abilities is extremely basic. We have seen individuals struggling to understand and speak a language, particularly on account of foreign languages. We comprehend the troubles and diligent work it takes to learn a foreign language and turn into its native user. 

Being a premier Spanish Language Institute in Vadodara, our goal is to help the person who is willing to learn a foreign language with ease and passion. Learning a foreign language not only a course but it helps you get various job opportunities worldwide.

Our Vision & Goals:-

Our institute of Foreign Languages is found with the vision to help the general population in India learn a widely used foreign language and master on it. We have the spirit to enhance the standard of language in India and raise it to the universal stage.

Our Faculty

Teacher here are taught and prepared experts, they are the best in their teaching. Our personnel is not the same as other language teaching institutes; they are from all over India with a similar vision and style to serve students and professionals by helping them in learning Spanish language and furthermore practice it till fluency.

The courses are –

Our Spanish Language Course in Vadodara is best known for imparting the complete language knowledge to aspirants. They are-

A1 (Basic certificate)

You will learn

  1. To introduce yourself and others.
  2. To identify, describe and compare people, places, objects, situations, and actions.

A2 (Elementary certificate)

You will learn

  1. To refer to habitual actions and situations.
  2. To offer and ask for help.

B1 (Intermediate certificate)

You will learn

  1. Talk about personal experiences. 
  2. Define and express your personality.

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)

You will learn

  1. To describe and give an opinion about different cultures and their habits.
  2. To give and ask for advice.

C1 (Advanced certificate)

You will learn

  1. To judge actions and behaviors. 
  2. Tell stories and express temporal relations in them.

C2 (Proficient certificate)

You will learn

  1. To repeat and summarize conversations and/or texts. 
  2. To relate conversations to cultural associations.