Spanish Language Courses in Patna

Our Institute of Foreign Languages is the best Spanish language Institute in Patna offers language courses with the help of native speakers. Our motive is to assist willing students to learn a foreign language with comfort and zeal. This is an institute found to boost the standard of foreign language teaching in India by helping the aspirants learns and practices their preferred language.

Objective Behind the Spanish Language -

  • To read, write, speak and listen in the Spanish language
  • To understand simple text and sentences
  • To be able to speak in present tense
  • To be able to participate in a conversation in Spanish
  • To know about the Spanish culture, country and people

Our Faculty

Our language special faculty members are being occupied for an organized and specialized guidance. 

The Faculty come with an abundance of their respective languages as well as has a zeal for teaching their particular language. The Faculty is chosen as they are included in different cultural exchange programs with the native language country.

The courses are –

Our Institute of Foreign Languages experts has designed the course in such a manner that it will be easily retained by the student with no any prior knowledge of the Spanish language. They are-

A1 (Basic certificate) 

Can understand and use familiar, daily used phrases and easy sentences, which relates to the fulfilling of concrete requirements.

 A2 (Elementary certificate) 

Can understand commonly used sentences associated with topics connected with his/her situations.

 B1 (Intermediate certificate) 

Can comprehend the main points when clear, standard language is utilized and the emphasis is on familiar topics related to work, school, leisure time, etc.

 B2 (Upper intermediate certificate) 

Can comprehend the principle contents of complicating concrete and conceptual themes; additionally comprehends particular communication in his/her own main area of specialization.

 C1 (Advanced certificate) 

Can comprehend an extensive variety of challenging, longer texts and furthermore get a handle on understood implications. Can express himself/herself suddenly and smoothly without searching for words regularly and perceptibly.

 C2 (Proficient certificate) 

Can easily see for all intents and purposes everything which he/she reads or hears. Can conclude information from different written and spoken sources, coherently describing the reasons and clarifications.