Spanish Language Courses in Noida

At Foreign Classes, a student gets ample opportunities to make the good command over the language and gain mastery in it. Our Spanish Institute in Noida is an endeavor of so many dedicated and hardworking faculty members who work by going an extra mile with a learner. We understand the need of having an institute dedicated to helping aspiring students eliminate the difficulties they find in learning Spanish.

Why Spanish Language?

If you wish to learn Spanish but have doubt whether it would go to benefit you or not, you must consider the numbers of reasons behind learning it. Read some of the main reasons:

  • 3rd most spoken language at the worldwide level
  • 2nd widely spoken language in the USA
  • Around 500 million people are using it
  • It is not hard to learn
  • Learning Spanish helps to easily understand many more languages such as English, Portuguese, and Italian.
  • Open the mind and world to various cultures

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Foreign Classes is the dedicated and most recommended institute by the Indian as well as Spanish professionals teaching more than just a language by providing the unique Spanish Classes in Noida. We not only provide the basic courses but prepare a student to communicate confidently, effectively, and fluently without requiring searching the appropriate phrase or word according to the situation. 

Learning Spanish Language Course in Noida at our institute benefits a learner in numbers of ways including:

  • Enjoy the serious study of the Spanish language
  • Learn the Spanish lingo, culture, literature, and civilization for more detailed understanding
  • Remove hesitation and develop self-confidence
  • Ensure continuous progress
  • Audio as well as video lessons for entertaining and delighting classes

The courses are –

At Foreign Classes, Spanish Courses in Noida starts from A1 starter or basic certificate to the highly advanced C2 for all types of students having no, little or more knowledge of a language. Each course has a unique content and comprises of 5 parts- reading comprehension, written expression, listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, and oral expression.

 A1 (Basic certificate) 

A1 level student access the Spanish-speaking world, enhance the academic education and boost up the confidence to continue towards advanced levels. A learner is able to communicate using the Spanish language in a basic way in all situations having to do with instant requirements or day-to-day situations.

 A2 (Elementary certificate) 

The learner will become skilled to communicate when performing simple daily tasks that don’t need an advanced exchange of information about familiar topics. He/she will be able to describe in clear and well-understood terms in the aspects of past life, present days and matters related to basic needs.

 B1 (Intermediate certificate) 

A student will come to know how to interact in the situations in the areas where the Spanish are spoken. He/she will be able to produce the simple texts on familiar subjects and describe experiences, hopes, and their personal opinions.

 B2 (Upper intermediate certificate) 

A B2 student can interact with native speakers with a high extent of fluency and confidence in order to do the effective and successful communication between the parties. He/she will be able to produce clear and complete texts on a various kind of subjects, as well as express their opinions.

 C1 (Advanced certificate) 

A C1 student will be able to make the best use of the Spanish for social, educational and professional areas. They will be able to produce the well-structured, obvious and detailed texts on comparatively difficult topics, showing the appropriate use of organizational system within a spoken and consistent structure.

 C2 (Proficient certificate) 

The successfully certified C2 student will be able to express themselves in a fluent way and with a high extent of accuracy in order to differentiate between the tones of the language and converse in more compound situations.