Spanish Language Courses in Navi Mumbai

Foreign Classes is the renowned and coolest place to learn the most spoken language Spanish. This is the reputed Spanish Institute in Navi Mumbai where teaching methodology is really unique and learners remain completely assured of their successful result. An interactive and fun environment is created in the classroom that students will learn through amazing experiences and conversations. It is a premier Spanish institute catering to the needs of numbers of students by providing the assistance to do better when working together with full dedication.

Why Spanish Language?

There are already various good reasons for learning Spanish. Might be some people want to learn it to do studies in abroad, enjoy the summer break or communicate with friends or relatives. Like this, there are so many solid reasons why learning this lingo may be the perfect choice for you. Here are some of them that make you completely confident about your decision.

  • Spoken by 400+ million people worldwide
  • Land prosperous and successful job opportunities
  • It’s quite easy to learn and speak fluently
  • It is necessary to keep pace with famous culture
  • Spanish is everywhere
  • Transform the traveling experience

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Wants to learn a Spanish language, it would really the best idea to choose Spanish Classes in Navi Mumbai at our institute. Our institute is the perfect place as we make the language learning easy and interesting by organizing several exciting activities, role plays, group programs, playing videos, and others creative things. 

Teaching methodologies and strategies at our institute are absolutely new as faculty members always try something unique and innovative. The whole team of experienced and highly qualified teachers (from which some of them are native speakers) is like a family working together to make the language learning engaging, interesting and successful. The teachers are well trained and think out of the box tactics of training and teaching. 

Programs or courses are based on the learning caliber of the students. Study material adapted to the linguistic requirement of students and culture of Spanish is offered to students for deeper and advanced level of learning. We also have a placement cell to support students get the dream job after completing the full Spanish Courses in Navi Mumbai.

The courses are –

We, at Foreign Classes, have designed several online and offline Spanish Language Course in Navi Mumbai. The courses are designed to make the language learning easy and available whenever they want according to their daily schedule. Students can attend the classes online through the internet, weekly classes or directly at the institute.

A1 (Basic certificate)

A learner will be able to read, write, and speak in the present indefinite and present continuous tenses. The course content includes subject pronoun, prepositions, demonstrative adjective, and more.

A2 (Elementary certificate)

This course provides the student the ability to read, speak, and write in the various tenses. A learner is able to understand everyday phrases and expressions used commonly such as shopping, work, families, etc.

B1 (Intermediate certificate)

This course allows a learner to understand the meaning of the clear text, create simple and logical text, describe experiences, personal interest and deal with most of the situations.

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)

The upper intermediate course enhances the learner’s ability to converse with native speakers, produced the lengthy and clear text about different topics and expresses the thoughts.

C1 (Advanced certificate)

A student able to make the good progress in the Spanish learning by expressing themselves fluently, understand the different lengthy text, produce the well-structured, concise and detailed text.

C2 (Proficient certificate)

This course consists of reading comprehension and oral expression, written expression, and listening comprehension. A learner is able to communicate effectively in all types of the situation with a high degree of correctness.

SpanishNavi Mumbai

SpanishNavi Mumbai