Spanish Language Courses in Ludhiana
Welcome to India most premier Spanish Language Institute in Ludhiana. Our institute mainly emphasize on developing the skill of reading, speaking, writing and listening of a foreign language. Likewise analyze the shortcoming of talking and writing of a language.

Our Aim

Learning a foreign language for e.g. Spanish is of awesome educational value. Through a new language we can obtain knowledge into the way in which words express ideas, and so accomplish more noteworthy lucidity and accuracy in our own communications.

The main aim of all our language courses is to empower you to develop both your skills to communicate and your phonetic capability in the Spanish language. A symmetry of pliant (reading, listening) and efficient (speaking, writing) abilities are improved through communicative classes and self-study.

The courses are –

On professional level, understanding and speaking another language opens various job opportunities. We have designed our language course in such a way that will be able to speak Spanish without hesitation.

Courses we offer under Spanish Language Course in Ludhiana is as follows-

A1 (Basic certificate)

1. Learn common phrases
2. Understand and use familiar expressions

A2 (Elementary certificate)

1. Can comprehend sentences and generally utilized expressions related with subjects specifically identified with his/her immediate conditions
2. Can clarify his/her background and education

B1 (Intermediate certificate)

1. Can understand the major points when clear,
2. Speak on comfortable subjects related with work, school, recreation time, and so on.
3. Can manage most circumstances ordinarily experienced when travelling in the language region.

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)

1. Can understand the main contents of complex topics
2. Understands specific discussions in his/her own main area of specialization.
3. Can impart so easily and spontaneously with native speakers

C1 (Advanced certificate)

Can comprehend an extensive variety of complicated, longer texts and also understand inferred meanings.

C2 (Proficient certificate)

Can utilize the language viably and adaptably in his/her social and professional life or in studies and training.