Spanish Language Courses in Kolkata
Foreign Classes is one of the remarkable institutes that provide Spanish Language Courses in Kolkata at affordable price. We are an educational academy by qualified native and Indian Spanish teachers to provide an excellent opportunity to learn and enhance knowledge of Spanish language in an effectual manner.
Why Spanish Language?

Spanish is the most extensively spoken tongue after Mandarin, Hindi and English. It is the second language in the Europe and USA after English. It is the representative language in 21 countries around the world including Spain. It is becoming more and more significant with respect to business requirements.

  • Communicate with 350 million native Spanish narrators worldwide.
  • Learn Spanish to enhance your travel experiences.
  • Use Spanish to improve your employment potential.
  • Learn Spanish to enhance your knowledge of your personal language.
  • Learn Spanish to prepare for study abroad opportunities.
  • Better appreciate Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • Learning Spanish makes acquiring the next foreign language easier.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Foreign Classes is dedicated to teach only Spanish tongue which makes it one of the best Spanish Language Institute in Kolkata.

We offer you complete detail about the qualification, exposure and experience of our expert trainers and teachers, so that you could take knowledgeable decision before you join our courses.
We love Spanish language, literature, culture and civilization and we want to create the same passion among the learners.
We are conceited to have the best teachers and trainers of Spanish language in India with us.
We offer basic, intermediary and proficient level courses in Spanish by experienced resident and Indian Spanish language experts.

The courses are –

Our courses stay definitely communicative in approach with plenty of scope for group activities orally and written. Our approach lays highlights on grammar, apart from grammar explanations we also give you cultural inputs. Foreign Classes divided the Spanish language training into six important levels such as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

A1 (Basic certificate)
A1 beginner Level course provides you with adequate linguistic ability for a crucial range of the most usually simple expressions used in the Spanish-speaking World and in order to satisfy immediate needs of a concrete type.
A2 (Elementary certificate)
A2 Elementary Level Spanish course offers you with ample of linguistic ability for understanding a basic range of the commonly immediate and simple relevance of expressions such as family and personal information, shopping, local geography, employment, etc.
B1 (Intermediate certificate)
At the B1 Level, students can understand and respond suitably in most day to day situations. They can express their desires and needs in front of others.
B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)
This level provides you with sufficient linguistic capability to cope in average day to day circumstances in normal communicative situations which do not require specialized use of the language.
C1 (Advanced certificate)
At this level, learners will capable to use the language for different aspects as well as they can speak confidently without using amount of expressions and words.
C2 (Proficient certificate)
Proficient level is the last and essential level of this learning process. At this stage, learner can communicate with native speaker confidently without any hesitation.