Spanish Language Courses in Kanpur
Foreign Classes offers an excellent quality Spanish Language Course in Kanpur to suit the different requirements of students. Highly qualified and globally certified language teachers deliver the courses using authentic and well researched material. We provide collaborative and communicative activities in which students can construct their learning instead of merely receiving knowledge from teachers.

Why Spanish Language?
If you really want to make a growing career in this globalization world then take Spanish Classes in Kanpur. Learning Spanish is the best choice for those peoples who want to get wonderful job prospects in their life and a respectable stand in a fast growing world.

  • Spanish language is easy to learn
  • Knowledge of second language helps to make new friends
  • It gives you a memorable travelling experience.
  • Knowledge of Spanish gives you wonderful job opportunities in several multinational companies
  • Knowledge of Spanish is essential to keep rapidity with popular culture

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute
Nowadays, when we are living in a globalized culture and the whole world is ducked to a distinctive village, having diverse language to speak, citizens are in a fix, how to talk with each other. Realizing the gravity of the problem, Foreign Classes offers high-quality Spanish classes to solve this problem.

  • Training provided by the highly-qualified and experienced trainers.
  • Help to enrich student vocabulary bank.
  • Provide comfortable environment to students for reducing their hesitation.
  • Well-qualified trainers help to improve student grammatical base.
  • Inculcating moral values and making them realize the vitality of discipline.

The courses are –
Foreign Classes designed their courses levels according to needs and requirements of students. The institute divided learners into six different levels and each level describes what a learner is believed to be able to do in reading, listening, writing and speaking.

A1 (Basic certificate)
A1 level is the first and important stage of this process. At this level, students can understand and use familiar everyday expressions.
A2 (Elementary certificate)
A2 level students can understand simple sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most urgent relevance. They can communicate in routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on personal matters.
B1 (Intermediate certificate)
At this level, students can comprehend the main points of clear standard language on familiar matters which regularly come across in work, school, leisure, etc.
B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)
At this level, scholars can construct detailed and clear text on an extensive choice of topics and explain a viewpoint on a current issue giving the disadvantages and advantages of several options.
C1 (Advanced certificate)
It is an essential level of this course and in this level; students understand a wide range of longer texts and recognize implicit meaning. They can express themselves fluently in front of other peoples.
C2 (Proficient certificate)
This is the master and last level of this Spanish language course. C2 level students achieve the proficiency of language in this stage. They can communicate confidentially and comfortably with native speakers.