Spanish Language Courses in Indore
Academy Of Spanish Studies is the best-known Spanish Institute in Indore that offer unmatched quality Spanish classes for students, businessmen, teachers, doctors and housewives at reasonable price. Our experienced and well-qualified trainers are successfully working in their field. We strive to provide qualitative training to learner and after joining the institute students feel great change into their personality. They not only become a confident speaker but also a responsible citizen of the nation.
Why Spanish Language?

There are various reasons to learn Spanish language. If you want to get best job prospects, keep your mind sharp and make your future bright then Spanish is the best tool that will help you to achieve these goals. Here we mention some reason why knowledge of Spanish is important in this era.

  • Knowledge of Spanish will change your travel experience and make you open-minded person.
  • Learning Spanish is important to keep pace with popular culture.
  • It is authorized tongue of more than 20 countries and 2nd most spoken language in USA.
  • If you learn Spanish language then you can have a better understanding of English.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

At Academy Of Spanish Studies, we follow the international standards of teaching Spanish language. Well-qualified and experienced teachers endeavor to make students bilingual and help them to make better career in every field of work.

  • We offer complete value of money and your time.
  • We are flexible and approachable, without compromising on the professionalism and
  • quality.Spanish language training provided by the Indian and native language teachers.
  • We strive to focus on the requirements of each individual student.
  • We provide audio-video based learning classes.

The courses are –

At Academy Of Spanish Studies, we divided Spanish language course into six different levels and each level is defined by the proficiency. These levels begin with the beginner level and end on the master level.

A1 (Basic certificate)
A1 level students can understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and simple sentences, which relate to the satisfying of concrete needs. They can easily introduce themselves in front of others.
A2 (Elementary certificate)
At this level, learners can understand commonly use sentences and expressions which relates to the common topics such as shopping, about family, etc.
B1 (Intermediate certificate)
B1 level students can understand a main point of standard language which is focus is on familiar topics connected with work, school, leisure time, etc. They can explain their plans and opinion as well as report on experiences and events, hopes, goals and dreams.
B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)
At this level, students can recognized the main contents of complex text on concrete and abstract topics. They can communicate fluently on normal topics with native speaker without the use of more effort.
C1 (Advanced certificate)
C1 level students can understand a wide variety of longer and complex texts. They can use language proficiently in several fields such as educational, professional and social. They can express themselves fluently without search more words.
C2 (Proficient certificate)
It is the last level of this course and at this stage; students effortlessly understand, read and write Spanish language. They can express themselves with high fluency and communicate with native speaker proficiently without any hesitation.