Spanish Language Courses in Hyderabad

Foreign Classing in India is one of the best Spanish Language Institutes in Hyderabad which incorporated with the goal of providing first class training in foreign languages and enabling personnel to expand their business globally. We have well-qualified and experienced trainers who provide effective and high-quality language coaching to students.

Why Spanish Language?

In this era of globalization, the knowledge of any foreign language is very imperative for everybody as this not only helps the person to find the job as a translator or interpreter but also to develop his/her personality. Spanish has acquired a lot of importance in recent times some of which are as cited below:

  • There are more than 400 million resident speakers of this language and it is the second most extensively spoken language all over the world, after English.
  • Spanish originated from Spain and had spread over and became the official language of 20 other countries.
  • Spanish is very interesting to learn and to speak as it is a phonetic language.
  • Spanish is very sweet on tongue and can be learnt much faster than the rest of the Romanian and Germanic Languages.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

If you really want to learn Spanish language then Melhor Institute is the best platform for you which provide excellent quality Spanish Classes in Hyderabad at reasonable price. Our experts and professionals trainers help students to get wonderful job opportunities in several multinational companies at higher salary package.

  • Trainers give great attention to every student to make them comfortable and relaxed in the learning procedure.
  • Students can learn at own pace and the courses are customized according to their requirement.
  • Limited class size
  • Proficient teaching materials including audio and video lessons for listening grasp.
  • We also teach Spanish culture, civilization and history for better understanding of the language.
  • Monitor progress through regular tests.
  • Training provided by well-qualified and experienced trainers

The courses are –


Spanish is one of the most communicative and smooth language. At Melhor Institute, the training of this language divided into six important levels which is start by beginner level and end on the proficient level.

 A1 (Basic certificate)

It is the first and important level of this training process. At this level, the learner will be competent to understand uncomplicated phrases and communicate with colleague. The student can introduce themselves; ask about basic and personal details, about their place and residence.

 A2 (Elementary certificate)

At this level, the learner will able to communicate when carrying out everyday tasks. They will be able to exchange information about their habits, nature and family.

 B1 (Intermediate certificate)

After completing B1 level, students can understand main points of regular meet talks at school, office and workplace and on common topics in an area where the language is spoken. They can talk about events, hopes, dreams, ambitions and also describe their plans.

 B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)

At this stage, student will be able to understand and produce complex texts which may deal with concrete and abstract topics. They can interact with natives with a positive degree of fluency and the communication also becomes effortless.

 C1 (Advanced certificate)

A C1 level student will be able to understand relatively complex texts and understand its exact meaning. They can use the language for different factors that can be social, professional and academic. They can speak fluently without using gestures or take use of signs to express themselves.

 C2 (Proficient certificate)

It is the last and foremost level in this learning process. At this level learner will be able to reform texts, sentences or reproduce information and arguments. They can speak proficiently in front of native speaker without any hesitation.