Spanish Language Courses in Gurgaon

At Our Spanish Institute in Gurgaon, we are a group of experienced faculty members who have been in this field for many years. We have an excellent hold on the language and required skills needed for providing the high-class Spanish language learning to willing aspirants. Having the great experience with quality training, our courses have been customized with the main focus on the industry needs with key emphasis on spoken aspect of the languages. 

Why Spanish Language?

Spanish is the only language that is used as a medium of language by millions of people all across the world. Having the proficiency in a second lingo other than Mother tongue provides the brilliant edge over fellow candidates who are monolingual. Like this, there are many more reasons that compel an individual to learn Spanish.

  • 2nd topmost used language in the business field
  • Third most spoken language in the world
  • Important to keep pace with various popular cultures
  • Completely change the traveling experience
  • Stand out in the competitive job market
  • Communicate with native Spanish speakers
  • Enjoy the foreign entertainment without having their subtitle

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Drylands institute aims to achieve an extent level of regularity, standardization and transparency in the foreign language learning. Students have an access to new study materials, wide selection of Spanish literature, newspapers, videos, and other material. 

Here are the points that make us unique from other Spanish Institute in Dehradun:

  • Guarantee 100% job assistance
  • Hands-on training and learning of Spanish culture
  • Interactive Spanish Classes in Gurgaon for interesting learning
  • It’s all about transition from dream to reality
  • Teaching is done using up-to-date and inventive technologies and methodologies in a flexible way

The courses are –


Our institute provide the learning and practical training for the following Spanish Courses in Gurgaon that are affordable by all people. The extremely personalized courses of content and complimentary activities are assigned to a student after analyzing their learning ability and specific objective.

A1 (Basic certificate)

No advance understanding and knowledge of Spanish language is required for this Spanish Language Course in Gurgaon. A beginner will be able to understand and use commonly-practiced expressions and phrases to communicate basic needs. He/She will be able to express him or herself, tell about their residence, workplace and common things and interact in a basic way.

A2 (Elementary certificate)

An A2 level learner will be able to comprehend normally-used phrases and expressions regarding the pertinent personal experiences such as basic information on themselves and family, places of interest, and more.

B1 (Intermediate certificate)

A B1 student will be able to recognize and understand the key points of clearly-written and detailed standard Spanish, given that the text is linked to familiar things for e.g. recreational activities, work or school-related matters, etc.

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)

A B2 level student gets the ability to find out and determine the main thoughts of difficult and lengthy texts that are related to both solid and abstract topics, providing they are related to the area of know-how of a learner.

C1 (Advanced certificate)

A C1 level or advanced certificate student will be able to understand a wide range of complex and lengthy texts with a comparative complexity level and identify the meanings. A student will learn the ability to express him/herself in a confident, smooth and spontaneous manner without showing any kinds of signs of effort in searching the pertinent expressions.

C2 (Proficient certificate)

A C2 or proficient certificate learner will be able to easily and quickly understand basically everything he/she reads or hears. They will be able to produce the information and arguments from various kinds of reading, writing, and speaking sources, present them in a clear, understandable and coherent manner.