Spanish Language Courses in Dehradun

Our Institute of Foreign Classes was established to provide the customized Spanish Classes in Dehradun affordable by all standards of people. We always aim for the excellence and endeavor to make the learning process challenging, lively, and interactive. 

Why Spanish Language?

Spanish is a popular foreign language to learn with around 400 million speakers worldwide. According to some sources, it has more native speakers than that of English. Learning Spanish improves the quality of life by providing the better understanding of English and other languages and their culture, expand the employment opportunities, enjoy the abroad traveling, and studies. Here are few reasons to join Spanish Language Course in Dehradun and learn the language:

  • Widely spoken language worldwide
  • Official language of more than 20 countries
  • More important for business purpose
  • Third most spoken language
  • Open up the world of more employment and business opportunities
  • It is easy and fun to learn Spanish language

 Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Our foreign language institute is dedicated to providing the highest standard of Spanish Courses in Dehradun enabling both students and faculty members to grow and achieve the maximum potential. We give the complete detailed information about the best courses available, qualification of the teacher, our previous record, and everything necessary to allow student make the informed decision before choosing the course. 

Here are the points that make us unique from other Spanish Institute in Dehradun:

  • Encourage innovative and unique life-long learning attitude amongst participants
  • Maintain the interactive, interesting, motivating, and friendly environment with relevant resources
  • Aims to reach the highest possible learning standards and abilities of which students are capable
  • Classes in small group
  • Professional and inventive teaching material such as group activities, audio and video
  • Teach Spanish literature, civilization, language and culture

The courses are –

At Foreign Classes, we have designed six courses for interested candidates who want to learn Spanish and become bilingual. We assist a student to choose the best course according to their ability and level of knowledge to master the language. Here are our six main courses:

A1 (Basic certificate) 

This basic course is designed to allow student access the Spanish-speaking world and get the good confidence to advance towards next level. Candidate is able to converse in a very basic way in common situations.

A2 (Elementary certificate)

It enables a student to comprehend the frequently used phrases or expressions regarding personal experiences (general information on activities, shopping, family, etc).

B1 (Intermediate certificate) 

It is the low intermediate level certification course helping students to improve their capacity of dealing with the most circumstances occur while traveling. They produce the simple text on topics related to the personal interest.

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)

At this course level, a learner gets the ability to interact with a good extent of naturalness and fluently. He/she can create detailed and clear text on various subjects and explain the perspective.

C1 (Advanced certificate) 

This course provide a student the ability to show themselves effectively without putting the pressure on the mind to find the most appropriate expression according to a current situation. They can produce detailed and well-structured text, showing the excellent use of connectors and organizational pattern.

C2 (Proficient certificate)

This course helps a student to summarize the information from various oral and written sources, reorganizing arguments and use in a logical presentation.