Spanish Language Courses in Chandigarh

Foreign Classes, the most popular and recommended Spanish Institute in Chandigarh provides a right direction to the aspiring people dream by providing a platform to realize the life goal. We welcome all the interested students to come and enjoy the engaging learning experience fostering the knowledge of the Spanish speaking nation culture. We always remain up-to-date with teaching methodologies and advanced training of faculty members.

Why Spanish Language?

Everyone knows Spanish is the widely spoken language that facilitates several benefits; it would definitely be the best idea to learn Spanish in Chandigarh at our institute.

  • More than 400 millions Spanish speakers are present globally.
  • 2nd largest language in the U.S with around 33 million Spanish speakers.
  • Improve the resume quality
  • Keeps the memory sharp
  • Good communication with native Spanish speakers
  • Travel to Spanish-speaking nations and easily know their culture.
  • Become bilingual and get the important insight

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Our Institute of Foreign Language aims to organize the various special and general Spanish courses to allow students to gain mastery in this language. We carry out cultural promotion activities to promote the Spanish culture and make participants quite familiar with it. Today, we are known for the various things such as:

  • Highly qualified, well practiced and knowledgeable faculty members
  • Various kinds of Spanish Language Course in Chandigarh at very low cost
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Practical as well as theoretically based classes
  • Carry cultural promotion activities
  • Innovative engaging and inspiring activities

The courses are –

Our Institute has advanced Spanish learning syllabus based on the course type. From beginners to those who want more in-depth, we have designed Spanish Courses in Chandigarh for all according to their previous knowledge and learning ability. Check out special courses designed for Spanish lovers.

A1 (Basic certificate) 

This is the best course for those who do not have previous knowledge of Spanish. In the end, a learner will be able to understand and use the commonly used expressions to articulate the general needs.

A2 (Elementary certificate) 

After successfully finishing this Spanish Language Course in Chandigarh, a student can easily understand the frequently used phrases and expressions allied to the areas of instant importance such as family or basic personal information, employment, shopping, places of interest, etc.

B1 (Intermediate certificate) 

It certifies the ability of learner to understand the meaning of the clear text and cope up with situations while traveling in the Spanish-speaking world. And at last, a learner can describe experiences and moments, dreams, expectations, and briefly give the advantages/disadvantages, reasons, and explanations for various perspective.

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate) 

The upper intermediate certification course allows a student to produce the clear and well-structured text, interact with the native speaker with a good degree of spontaneity and fluency.

C1 (Advanced certificate) 

This advanced course certifies a student to express themselves confidently without making efforts to find the appropriate phrase. They are able to understand various lengthy texts, find the implicit meaning, and use the language effectively for a professional, academic and social purpose.

C2 (Proficient certificate) 

The C2 Spanish Language Course in Chandigarh allows adequate linguistic proficiency to converse fluently in any situation, ability to immediately adapt to any context with a great level of precision.