Spanish Language Courses in Bhopal

Foreign Classes is a premier training center which provides high-quality Spanish Classes in Bhopal at an affordable price. Our experienced and well-qualified trainers strive to provide you with unmatched quality foreign language classes and give you a growing and bright future. We endeavor to offer communicative and collaborative activities in which students can construct their learning instead of merely receiving knowledge from teachers.

Why Spanish Language?

Spanish is a most popular language which plays a crucial role in this competitive globalization. It is an official tongue and knowledge of this language offers you wonderful job opportunities in several multinational companies in India and Abroad. Spanish is the best choice for those persons who really want to learn another tongue. There are plenty of reasons to learn Spanish. Here are a few:

  • Knowledge of Spanish enhances your own language.
  • Learning Spanish tongue improves your life and culture.
  • Knowledge of Spanish gives you an unforgettable travel experience.
  • Spanish is one of the easiest foreign tongues to learn.
  • Persons get outstanding opportunities by learning Spanish.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

At Foreign Classes, we aim to spark your innate talents channel them thereby imparting skills in your chosen language that really fulfill your needs and develop a lifelong understanding of the language. Our courses are designed exclusively to meet your requirements, abilities, and background.

  • Well-qualified and experienced trainers provide premium quality Spanish Classes.
  • An enormous collection of video and audio CDs give students a chance to see how the language is spoken by native speakers.
  • The emphasis on Foreign Classes is not only on improving language skills but also in developing a well-rounded personality to make for more mature and responsible individuals.

The courses are –

At Foreign Classes, We divided this course into six levels and trainers have complete knowledge and experience about all levels of course. After completion of those levels, learners can easily communicate with another native person without any hesitation.

A1 (Basic certificate) 

At this level, the learner can understand basic words and phrases of Spanish language. They can understand everyday expressions and words which relates to the satisfying concrete needs.

A2 (Elementary certificate)

In this level, students can understand simple sentences and expressions which are related to the personal information like education, family, surroundings, shopping, etc.

B1 (Intermediate certificate)

At this level, students can recognize the major points of standard language which is related to the familiar topics such as work, school, leisure time, etc. They can express their opinion, ideas and personal interest in front of another person.

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate) 

B2 level students can communicate in normal conversation with native speakers easily without any hesitation. They can express a wide range of topics in a clear and effective manner without a lot of efforts.

C1 (Advanced certificate)

At this level, students can express themselves fluently and precisely without having to search for words frequently. They can make clear, structured and detailed statements on several complex topics.

C2 (Proficient certificate) 

It is the master level of Spanish course and C2 level students easily read, speak, write and understand Spanish language. They can communicate effectively and confidentially with native speakers and make their CV and other reports efficiently in Spanish language.