Spanish Language Courses in Amritsar

Spanish Institute in Amritsar welcomes all the students interested in learning the Spanish language, culture, literature, and civilization. The selection of courses provides the enjoyable and quick way to learn the new language and enjoys the excellent advantage of it. Since the day of establishment, our institute has trained large numbers of students to achieve the learning skills and speak the language of heaven. We commit that you would come out from our institute as a master in language and we fulfill the commitment.

Why Spanish Language?

Spanish speaking population is the fastest growing part in the world including the huge community that shares services, products, culture, offer business and unique growth opportunities. Learning this language benefits a person lots in terms of improved education career, job opportunities, traveling advantages, and more.

Here are the five main reasons that make it an individual to learn Spanish and enjoy the numerous advantages:

  • Over 400 millions Spanish speakers are there all across the world
  • Ranked as the 3rd most spoken language at a global level
  • There will be 500+ million Spanish speakers by the year 2050
  • Spanish is in the same family of language as English
  • Easy and fast to learn

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Our team of passionate and experienced faculty members is committed to helping interested student transition into the new cultural setting by learning the Spanish Language Course in Amritsar. Our courses or classes are highly flexible to adjust to a wide range of ability levels, from starter, elementary to completely advanced ones as well as variety of learning preferences, timings, and styles.

Learning the Spanish language in Amritsar becomes easy and a greatly enjoyable experience by joining our customized Spanish Classes in Amritsar that are also available online. Several group activities and fun exercises are organized to allow student develop their interest in learning more and explore the Spanish in-depth. 

Foreign Language Institute is located in the place that is easily and conveniently accessible from various nooks of the city. One can comfortably reach the institute via the public or private transport network. 

At the end of the session, a learner comes out with the excellent language proficiency developing the top skills needed to read, write, and speak Spanish. They are able to achieve the goal they set.

The courses are –

Foreign Classes has developed the trustworthy reputation nationally as the topmost provider of Spanish Courses in Amritsar. We provide the wide range of Spanish language courses to offer students the complete knowledge of language and its culture with the best learning experience. So, take a quick look at our Spanish courses:

A1 (Basic certificate) 

This course is best for those people who have no or little knowledge of Spanish language as it assists them to build up enough linguistic abilities for the simple terms or phrases used in the world of Spanish speaking.

A2 (Elementary certificate) 

It is the course in which a student gets the sufficient linguistic skill for learning the simple and immediate meaning of expressions put into the practice in the Spanish-speaking world such as local geography, employment, family information, shopping, etc.

B1 (Intermediate certificate) 

After learning this course, a student able to understand the Spanish expressions and respond correctly in everyday circumstances for showing the desires on an intermediate level.

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate) 

This course helps a learner to cope up effectively in daily situations in regular communicative circumstances that do not need the excellent use of Spanish.

C1 (Advanced certificate) 

It equips a student with the skill to comprehend the lengthy and complex text and find out the meaning behind them. At the end of the session, he/she is able to communicate easily and confidently without any hesitation.

C2 (Proficient certificate) 

This is the best Spanish Courses in Amritsar suitable for students who already have the good information of language but want to develop the more detailed knowledge. A learner gets the thorough understanding of Spanish language.