Spanish Language Courses in Allahabad

Foreign Classes of Foreign Language is the renowned Spanish Institute in Allahabad becoming the choice of numbers of aspiring candidates. The institute was founded with an aim to encourage the Spanish language, literature, and culture in India. We have well trained and practiced faculty from India and Spanish speaking countries also. Located in the convenient and easy to reach the area, the institute has been providing creative language instruction to provide the fun and enjoyable learning experience.

Why Spanish Language?

There are more than hundreds of good reasons to learn Spanish language which is today considered as third most spoken language. If you do not know anything about Spanish, you must start from today to keep the mind sharp, explore the world of travel, and due to the following reasons:

  • Communicate with 400 million native Spanish speakers at a global level
  • Boost up the employment potential
  • Improve the travel experience
  • It becomes the business necessity
  • Learning Spanish is really an enjoyable and fun experience
  • Enhance the knowledge of own language
  • Enjoy amazing books, movies, and other Spanish entertainment

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Our institute is dedicated to teaching the Spanish literature, culture, and more at one place. We have designed a wide range of Spanish Language Course in Allahabad to allow interested students to learn the foreign language and meet their dream. There are several benefits of learning at our institute as we are not among those who just teach Spanish but we assist the candidate in achieving the goal of their learning.

Every year, a good score of people comes out with the improved personality and overall development after successfully completing the course. Whether you want to learn Spanish to add some shining stars in the job, get the good job or another purpose, all your dreams turn into the reality with Foreign Classes.

Students who do not have enough time to join the batch may also opt for the online Spanish Classes in Allahabad at our institute. You can schedule the classes depending on your convenience and requirement. The qualified and passionate teachers are doing the perfect job of imparting the top quality Spanish speaking, writing, and reading training.

The courses are –

Learn Spanish by choosing the best Spanish Courses in Allahabad as per your need. We have designed six courses considering the knowledge and experience level of the student.

A1 (Basic certificate) 

The basic certificate Spanish course facilitates a learner to introduce themselves, ask for and provide the general personal information. It provides the opportunity to converse in a basic way.

A2 (Elementary certificate) 

It provides the ability to understand sentences and commonly used expressions related to immediate relevance regions. He/she will be able to express in simple terms aspects of present environment, background, and concerns in areas of immediate needs.

B1 (Intermediate certificate) 

When a learner gets to complete this level, they can understand the key points of understandable and basic standard input on familiar matters commonly used in the workplace, school, fun, leisure, etc. Moreover, he/she can produce simple and clear text on topics that are related to personal interest and family.

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate) 

When a student gets to finish this level, they are able to understand the main thoughts of lengthy text on various concrete, clear and abstract topics. He/she can interact with a great level of fluency that allows constant interaction with native speakers without tension or worry. They can produce detailed text on several subjects and showcase themselves on various topics presenting own viewpoint.

C1 (Advanced certificate) 

Students are able to understand an array of demanding, complex texts, and identify embedded meaning. They are able to communicate effectively and fluently without searching for the understandable expressions. In addition, they can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. They can also make obvious, logical, and thorough text on lengthy subjects, showing the perfect use of cohesive devices and organizational patterns.

C2 (Proficient certificate) 

Student who finishes this course gets the ability of a good native speaker. He/she is able to go over the main points from different written and spoken sources. They also have to be able to communicate precisely and confidently differentiating good shades of meaning even in the various challenging situations.