Spanish Language Courses in Agra

Our Institute of Foreign Classes is the well-known school for Spanish Language Course in Agra. The institute serves to the needs of a wide spectrum of students. The faculties here are working successfully for the utmost benefit of the students.

Spanish language course is appropriate for school going students preparing for exams or college students who require extra assistance with their language studies or business people in Agra.

Why Our Institute?

Being a prominent Spanish Institute in Agra, we provide facilities to students like-

  • Class will be taken in small groups
  • Introduce you to Spanish culture, history, and civilization along with the language
  • Student can learn at their own pace
  • Every student will obtain individual attention
  • Faculties are well versed and a native speaker of Spanish language
  • Free wifi access
  • Regular tests will be taken to monitor the progress of the student

Why Learn Spanish Language?

  • Spanish is spoken all around the world
  • Spanish language ranks No.2 in the world
  • Spanish is an easy language to learn
  • Learning Spanish opens the door of job opportunities
  • It can give weight to your resume

The courses are –

Our Spanish language course is offered for beginner to advanced level students. Concentrating on the improvement of listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, modules will have different kinds of topics from culture, leisure, family, and work.

The course consists of 6 levels, such as-

A1 (Basic certificate)

This is the beginner course and requires no prior knowledge of Spanish, is spoken from the day one of the course. Student will be able to introduce himself/herself, ask and answer basic questions, about his/her belongings and people he/she knows.

A2 (Elementary certificate)

In this level, a student will become capable to read and understand the frequently used sentences and convert expressions to meaningful ones. He/she will able to speak about familiar methods.

B1 (Intermediate certificate)

In B1, student will become capable to understand clearly-written main points as well as long text related to things familiar to him/her in the Spanish language easily.

 B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)

A B2 level student will gain the capability to understand the core concepts of complicate contents that deal with both concrete and conceptual themes, including technical texts, as long as they are identified with the student area of specialization.

C1 (Advanced certificate)

The level C1 student will become capable to understand the large lengthy texts with a relative trouble level, and perceive suggested implications in these writings.

C2 (Proficient certificate)

The C2 level student will have the capacity to effectively see for all intents and purposes all that he/she hears or peruses. He/she will be able to do conversation fluently like a native speaker of Spanish language.