Spanish Language Courses in Delhi

Foreign Classes of a foreign language is a leading Spanish Institute in Delhi by highly skilled native and Indian Spanish teachers. They are engaged in providing an opportunity to learn and enhance knowledge of Spanish language.

Spanish learning experts are working for the advancement of Spanish language, literature, culture, and civilization and want to create the same passion among the learners through the Spanish Language Course in Delhi. Foreign Classes of foreign language empowers genuine study of Spanish language, culture, and civilization of Spanish speaking world, their history, and civilization.

Why Spanish?

Spanish is an official language in around 21 countries in the world. Being the most important language of global communication, this offers a lot of job opportunities to its learners in different industries. The person with strong command in Spanish language can be a spectacular, interpreter and qualified translator and acquire a major role in the global business and international relations.

Why learn Spanish From Our Institute?

Foreign Classes of a foreign language is devoted to teaching the Spanish language which makes it one of the best places to learn Spanish in Delhi. We provide you complete insight about the qualification, experience, and exposure of our expert trainers and teachers, with the goal that you could take an ideal decision before you join our courses.

We offer courses categorized according to levels i.e. beginners, intermediate and advanced level courses in Spanish by Indian Spanish language experts.

Our Way of Teaching

Professional teaching materials involving sound and video lessons for listening cognizance.

  • Every student is given individual attention to make him/her comfortable in the learning process.
  • Student can prefer to learn at own pace and the courses are tailored based on their requirements.
  • Classes in small groups
  • Learning about Spanish culture, history and civilization are also included for a better understanding of the language.
  • Student progress will be monitored through regular tests.

Spanish Courses in Delhi

Each of these courses comprises of 5 sections -

  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written Expression
  • Listening comprehension
  • Oral Expression

The courses are –

A1 Beginner Level 

This is the beginner course for those who want to learn Spanish from basic. This comprises of commonly used easy expressions in the Spanish language.

A2 Elementary Level 

This course comprises of commonly used simple and prompt significance of expressions in the Spanish language.

B1 Intermediate Level 

Comprehend and react accordingly in most everyday situations and for expressing desires and needs on an intermediate level.

B2 Advanced Level 

This course prepares you in normal everyday situations in typical communicative circumstances which do not require particular utilization of the language.

C1 and C2 Advanced Level 

This course prepares you with the important linguistic ability to incorporate in circumstances requiring propelled utilization of the language.