Russian Language Courses in Allahabad

Located at Allahabad, We Russian Language Courses are leading and notable classroom for Russian language. We are indulged in imparting brilliance in diverse language courses and assure to provide optimum quality service to our students. Besides, we have hired a team of dedicated teachers who teach students in order to attain talent in subject from basic level to advance levels.

Why Russian Language?

The idea of Russian Language Institute in Allahabad is one of the best learning conditions for the students. Some of our relevant features are:

We hold a limited number of students in each class in order to render individual attention to the students.

Weekly assessment and evaluation.

Foreign Classes of foreign language provides Russian language courses in Delhi to the student of different age groups such as professional students, preparing for further studies, school going and college going students.

We have hired a team qualified and knowledgeable faculty which indulge in providing best education facilities to the students.


  • Our classes help to improve understanding of the student, learn new skills, as well as improve performance areas.
  • These foreign classes help in developing greater self-esteem of student and he feels confident to achieve their goal.
  • It also helps students to prepare for interviews as well as competitive exams.
  • Our team of experienced teachers encourages students to increase their knowledge and skills by taking regular classes as well as enhance their knowledge in this subject.


Faculty is well trained friendly and helping to solve doubts and give knowledge Individual attention is given to every student in order to make doubt free.

The courses are –

Russian language courses are offered for beginner to advanced level students. Teachers are qualified and experienced Russian speakers, and each lesson will be customized to suit your individual needs, enabling you to progress much more quickly than in the traditional classroom environment in Ahmedabad. Focusing on the development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities, lessons will follow a diverse range of topics from family, culture, leisure, and work. Grammatical bases will be well covered enough to allow students to converse freely about the past, present and future, without getting too tense.

The Russian language course is divided into various levels such as

A1 Elementary Level 

In this level, the candidate can fulfill their elementary communicative requirements in a common number of everyday situations.

A2 Basic Level 

In this level, a candidate can fulfill their usual communicative requirements in a common number of circumstances in everyday and cultural spheres.

B1 ( Intermediate Level) 

In this level, a candidate can satisfy its major communicative needs in everyday, cultural, educational and professional spheres in line with the State Standard of Competence in Russian as a Foreign Language.

 B2 (Intermediate Level) 

In this level, a candidate can satisfy its major communicative needs in everyday, cultural, educational and professional spheres. It permits the holder to obtain bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees from Russian universities.

C1 (Advanced Level) 

After the successful completion of this level, the candidate possess high level of command in every communicative context, which permits them to manage professional  activity in Russia in fields such as editing, journalism, linguistic and management.

C2 (Master Level) 

This is the level in which candidate’s language skill is equal to a native Russian speaker. It also makes it holder to receive a Master of Arts degree.