Russian Language Courses in Delhi

Foreign Classes of foreign language is a premier Russian Institute in Delhi. The faculties here are passionate about providing excellence in language courses and ensure to deliver a professional service. Qualified and experienced teachers teach students to acquire proficiency in the Russian Language from certificate to higher diploma levels.

Foreign Language Institute in South Ex

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand the skyline of learning of foreign languages and making it available to everybody in this new period of globalization. We try to extend our curriculum to make compensating learning experiences and empower our students to work in a multilingual and multicultural world.

Why Choose Us?

The idea of Foreign Classes of foreign language is to make a powerful learning condition for the students, we offer following features:

  • Foreign Classes of foreign language offer Russian language courses in Delhi to people of various age groups whether it is a school going or college going students, professionals or those who preparing for studies abroad.
  • Our qualified and well-versed faculty which involves both native as well as non-native trainers with their exceptional and propelled educating technique.
  • We hold a restricted number of students in each class to provide individual attention to the students.
  • Weekly assessment and evaluation.
  • Professional research based study material.
  • Comfortable completely aerated and cooled classrooms.

Our definitive objective is to make your learning experience a fun and paramount.

The courses are –

Our Russian language course is divided into 6 levels, such as-


Russian Basic Level (A1+A2) 

Our program is comprises of the four language skills such as listening, talking, analyzing and creating and in addition knowledge about the culture. It gives a decent agreeableness between observation the way of life, vocabulary, creating system and semantic utilize structures of the Russian language and improving correspondence and association. It supports broad and productive aptitudes in talk and shaping through exercises and guided practice in the use of Russian language.

Russian Intermediate Level (B1+B2) 

At this level, oral shows and discussion in the Russian language is one of the outstanding languages. At this level, the class work is designed to create student vocabulary and change talking and listening capacities. Talking and examining speed, close by developed levels of examining gratefulness, are other real objectives of this level, which may be part into two courses. In spite of putting wide focus over student conversational abilities; this course may take cases from radio and Internet sources to test understanding.

•    Speaking Skills fluently

•    A greater level of professional language

•    High focus on writing skills 

 Russian Advance Level (C1+C2) 

The Advance level of Russian language coaching proceeds from the subjects and language structures started at the basic level, with a developing spotlight on investigating and making Russian characters. Heavier emphasis on sentence structure and conversational Russian expressions occur in the midst of the street level. Students are requested to read a remarkable course of action from present day compositions and composing written in Russian. Conversational activities get more adaptable at this level, also.

•    Reading Competence

•    Listening competence

•    Writing competence

•    Structure competence