Russian Language Courses in Chennai

Want to be Fluent in Russian language? Then you are at right place. Foreign Classes of Foreign Languages is a dedicated Russian Institute in Chennai providing the best Russian classes with highly skilled and friendly teachers. The experts of the institute are quite proficient in delivering language lessons.


The core vision of our institute is to make learning Russian language fun and dynamic. We promise that our experts will provide good knowledge that will be helpful in building the confidence of students and add weight in their resume.


Russian is a delicate and lovely language, where even their lyric sounds sweet. In spite of the fact that Russian is delegated as a tough language to learn, its justified the investment. With a portion of the rich literature, culture and art originating from its center, sharpen your own and expert abilities today by learning this language.

The courses are –

The language course provided by the institute is divided into 6 levels. The division is done based on the level of learning ability and to fulfill the requirements of candidates who wish to take this course. Each level comprises of the 4 elements such as – listening, reading, writing and speaking.

A1 Elementary Level 

This is the basic level and appropriate for beginners who are new in learning this language. This is the starting level of learning Russian vocabulary.

 A2 Basic Level 

This is the level where students learn about making sentences, explain about their interests and learn how to greet.

B1 ( Intermediate Level) 

This is the level where the candidates become capable to read texts from newspaper. Be able to explain about themselves to the person who knows Russian language very well.

 B2 (Intermediate Level)

This is the level where candidate can easily understand the text. One can discuss on difficult topics and capable of doing conversation.

 C1 (Advanced Level)

This is the advance level in which one can be able to write and write fluently. One can easily introduce himself and debate on a complicated topic.

C2 (Master Level)

This is the master level in which the candidate is able to understand each and every text in Russian language and can talk like a well versed Russian language speaker.