Japanese Language Courses in Mumbai

Foreign Classes is the best foreign language academy where the short-term, fast-track as well as the international certification courses are made available. We strive to make our students are more capable to communicate fluently in Japanese language enabling them to find jobs in India and Japan. If you want to get wonderful job opportunity in multinational companies then join best Japanese Classes in Mumbai.

Why Japanese Language?

There are many foreign companies which are looking out for people who are fluent in Japanese languages with all sense. So taking this as an opportunity, this Foreign Classes is offering the best language course which you were searching to get into.

  • The presence of Japan in world economy cannot be undermined. Knowledge of Japanese language opens the door for opportunities in the business world.
  • Japan is not only sophisticated when it comes to technology, but also concerning the education system. The education system in Japan is one of the main reasons why the Japanese people are very bright and hard-working.
  • If you know the language, travelling around Japan becomes a smooth ride. So, knowledge of Japanese makes your trip easier and more interesting.
  • The use of Japanese language for communication is not limited to Japan alone. It is a natural second language in countries like China, Korea, etc.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Foreign Classes will guide you in every step during the course to set a benchmark once you complete the course. True dedication and hard work will really work wonders once you step out of the institute after completing the course.

  • Training provided by well-qualified and experienced teachers
  • Limited class size
  • Comfortable and soothing environment of class
  • Expertise and customized course structure to meet student’s need
  • Audio-Video based learning classes
  • Importance on actually using and experiencing Japanese in practical, real-life situations, rather than memorizing theoretical details

The courses are –

At Foreign Classes, we are devoted to offer the best Japanese courses in Mumbai for beginners. Every course will be delivered by well trained and experienced professional trainers who will train you to set a benchmark in languages education.

We offer training for the following JLPT level courses such as:

N5 Level 

This is for beginners. By the end of this course, one learns to read, write and make simple conversation in every day Japanese.

N4 Level 

This is the next level. By the end of this course, the student can make conversation, where they can express their opinion or give simple advice in Japanese language.

N3 Level 

In this level, the student learns to use Japanese in office environment.

N2 Level 

This is an advanced level. By the end of this course, the student can easily translate the language. They can also engage in complex conversations, read a small novel/newspaper, watch movies in Japanese etc.

N1 Level

This is the most advanced level of Japanese language. By the end of this level, the student achieves near-native proficiency of the language.