Japanese Language Courses in Chennai

Foreign Classes is established at Chennai with the aim of providing unmatched quality Japanese Classes in Chennai to enable people of diverse background to use language effectively and proficiently. The need for effective communication has been felt more so in recent years. Despite high academic qualifications, several individuals find it hard to exchange a few words effortlessly. Effective Communication skills are important for success in life, work and relationships.

Why Japanese Language?

Knowledge of Japanese will increase your options. When you learn Japanese language you acquire a range of skills which can improve the quality of both your work and personal life. There are several benefits of this language are as follows:

  • Knowledge of this language improves your relations in Japan companies and helps you to get best job opportunities.
  • Knowledge of Japanese increases your job opportunities with Japanese and foreign companies in India and abroad.
  • Proficiency in Japanese helps you to function productively for an employer with global business connections.
  • Learning Japanese provides you with an insight into the way of life, and the hopes and dreams of people in Japanese speaking countries, broadening your horizon.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

The objective of Foreign Classes is to impart high quality international standard Japanese learning experience to students at the lowest cost and make them employable in growing Japanese industries in India and Japan.

  • World class facility
  • Provide full security of students
  • Well-furnished infrastructure facility
  • Highly-qualified and experienced trainers
  • Provide better space of the each student
  • Equal emphasis on all skills-speaking, listening, writing and reading

The courses are –

As Japan has been an economic superpower ever since the second half of the 20th century, this has driven interest in learning Japanese the world over.

Knowledge of Japanese is a very important asset for those who have business dealings with Japan and Japanese corporations. While learning any language, there are different levels based on which the proficiency of the person language learning ability is defined. We provide training for 5 levels, namely N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1.

N5 Level 

At level N5, students can understand basic Japanese in which they can read and understand basic words and sentences. With respect to listening, they will be able to understand if the person speaking to them in Japanese speaks slowly and uses basic words in the conversation.

N4 Level 

At level N4, students become an expert in basic Japanese which means they can understand the basic words that are regularly used even if it is spoken fast and they will also be able to converse fluently.

N3 Level 

At Level N3, students can understand basic day to day Japanese and understand daily topics like reading the small news in newspapers and listen to speeches and conversations about regular topics that are basic in nature.

N2 Level 

It is the advanced level of this learning course. By the end of this level, the student can easily interpret the language.

N1 Level 

By the end of this level, the student achieves near-native proficiency of the language and they can easily speak in Japanese language in front of native speaker.