Japanese Language Courses in Bangalore

You are looking for Japanese Classes in Bangalore and have been wondering how to proceed. Not to worry, you have taken the correct first step in coming here!

Foreign Classes is the leader in Japanese language training and provides an excellent training on learning the language with unique methodology. It is based on creativity, fun and learn environment. We do asses the candidate with our unique techniques.

Why Japanese Language?

Japanese Language Classes at Foreign Classes provide a positive impetus to your career, irrespective of the stage in which you are. These second tongue classes are like a refreshing new world full of opportunities that unfold with multitude of possibilities! The flexibility & rewards are truly worth the effort.

  • For a fresher who has just earned a degree, Japanese language classes will open up a whole host of career opportunities.
  • There are nearly 3000 Japanese companies in India. A large percentage of them are looking out for Japanese language skilled personnel.
  • Japan is increasingly drawn to Indian skills & talent.
  • The remuneration is exciting for anyone who is skilled in Japanese language.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Language learning is a creative aspect that involves the functioning of the left portion of the brain. This beautiful creativity of the learning process is supremely enhanced in Foreign Classes, by encouraging the Japanese course student to create, imagine, speak and write a lot.

  • Enhancing the creativity of students
  • Quick Pick up- tricks
  • Training provided by native trainers
  • Audio-video based classes

The courses are –

To maintain the relevancy of this language learning training, the Foreign Classes updates the training pattern time to time. There are five levels of language training such as N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. These levels help students to make proficient in Japanese language.

N5 Level 

This is the first level of training. By the end of this level, students learn to read, write and make simple conversation in every day Japanese.

N4 Level 

This is most important level of this course. By the end of this level, the student makes conversation, where they can express their ideas and give simple advice in Japanese language.

N3 Level 

At this level, the student learns to use Japanese language in office environment.

N2 Level

This is also known as an advanced level. By the end of this level, the student can easily interpret the language.

N1 Level

This is the proficient level of Japanese language. By the end of this level, the student achieves near-native proficiency of the language and they can easily speak in Japanese language in front of native speaker without any hesitation.