German Language Courses in Rajkot

The German Classes in Rajkot is a fast and enjoyable way to learn your new language. Our assortment of language courses give you excellent results as well as ensure that each student has a pleasurable learning experience. 

Our prominent German Institute in Rajkot intended at increasing the students’ ability to understand, speak, read and write in this language. All our experts provide top-quality learning in small class sizes with special focus on spoken language, great value-for-money courses, elasticity, and a very personal service.

Why German Classes?

German is most commonly spoken language in worldwide. Know the language of your German business partners improves your dealings and so your chances for effective communication and success.

Information of this language increases your job opportunities with German and foreign companies in your own country and abroad. Ability in German helps you to function productively for an employer with global business connections.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

  • 1.    German Language Course in Rajkot offers quality education in foreign classes for beginner to advanced level students.
  • 2.    Our experts are highly skilled and experienced German speakers, and each lesson will customized to suit your individual needs, enable you to develop much more quickly than in the conventional classroom environment in Rajkot.
  • 3.    Determine on the progress of speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities.
  • 4.    Training will follow a varied range of topics from family, culture, leisure, and work.
  • 5.    Students allow to converse freely about grammatical bases such as the past, present and future, without getting too tense.

The courses are –


A1 Beginner Level

It is the first level of training process in which person can ask and answer simple basic questions about family and surroundings. Student communicates in basic way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly.

A2 Elementary Level

At this level student can understand isolated phrases and common expressions that relate to areas of high personal relevance like family information, shopping, etc.

B1 Intermediate Level

After completion two levels, at this stage students can read and write simple text without errors.

B2 Advanced Level

In this stage, scholars are able to participate in demanding discussions and write and read complex texts in an effective manner.

C1 Level

It is also a major level of learning process. At this stage candidate can produce essays and read newspapers and literature. Students speak fluently without searching words.

C2 Advanced Level

It is last and important level of this learning strategy. At this stage people can speak fluently in the front of native speaker without any hesitation and understand even idiomatic expressions.