German Language Courses in Patna

Welcome to the most promising place for learning the highly in demand language – German. We are the team of experts at Foreign Classes Institute who are striving to impart knowledge of the language in a fun and easy way.

We recognize through experience that individuals learn best when they are concerned, motivated, uninterrupted and given individual consideration, and when the learning tempo is diverse. At our German Institute in Patna, we give you the space to completely concentrate on building up your language skills, individual viability and authenticity.

Why Foreign Classes?

The Foreign Language Institute provide students the opportunity to get or ace abilities in listening, reading, writing, and speaking by giving the exceptionally sorted out and comprehensive German Language Course in Patna. With education grounded in important and context-based associations you will figure out how to achieve language assignments in both formal and informal circumstances. Language education is proficiency-oriented as well as bestows cultural experiences and information.

Our foundation is inviting, efficient and serene. The German Classes in Patna has been intended to enable you to accomplish a state of flow.

Why Learn German Language?

There are many interesting facts to know about language. They are

  • •    German is the official dialect of 5 nations
  • •    There are 35 tongues of the German dialect
  • •    German a Germanic language, is a member of the Indo-European language family.
  • •    German is an exceptionally distinct language. Nouns, particularly, often unite the object along with the activity
  • •    The dialect in which a book was first printed was German

These facts are the reasons that create curiosity of knowing it more. And to gain more knowledge of this language, we present you our informative and excellent German Course in Patna which has good value in the market as well.

The courses are –


 A1 Beginner Level

It is the first level of training process in which person can ask and answer simple basic questions about family and surroundings. Student communicates in basic way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly.

 A2 Elementary Level

At this level student can understand isolated phrases and common expressions that relate to areas of high personal relevance like family information, shopping, etc.

 B1 Intermediate Level

After completion two levels, at this stage students can read and write simple text without errors.

 B2 Advanced Level

In this stage, scholars are able to participate in demanding discussions and write and read complex texts in an effective manner.

 C1 Level

It is also a major level of learning process. At this stage candidate can produce essays and read newspapers and literature. Students speak fluently without searching words.

 C2 Advanced Level

It is last and important level of this learning strategy. At this stage people can speak fluently in the front of native speaker without any hesitation and understand even idiomatic expressions.