German Language Courses in Navi Mumbai

Foreign Classes institute of foreign languages provides German Classes in Navi Mumbai to make the students learn languages and encourage communication between diverse people and cultures. The high quality and proving language learning is provided to interested students including school/college student, professionals, businessman, and more. We understand that learning German opens new horizons, improve overall development of an individual, promotes cultural growth, and unites countries together.

Why German Language?

Learning German language provides accessibility to language, culture, literature, and marketplace of the European countries such as Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. While taking classes at German Institute in Navi Mumbai a person able to read, write, listen, and speak German that opens the world of opportunities. 

German is the language used in many countries. In terms of professional aspects, understanding and speaking this language opens the world of career opportunities. This lingo is among one of those foreign languages that is used in business and international diplomacy thus one can easily get the hold of numerous growing career opportunities.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

We are among the topmost foreign language institutes that provide the advanced and updated knowledge of German. With our multiple branches, we offer classes for different German Language Course in Navi Mumbai that is perfect for beginners, experienced ones, masters, and all. With excellent infrastructure, good curriculum and supportive administration, our institute work for the overall development of learners.

Our experts work in firmly academic atmosphere where learners are exposed to the high-tech classroom facilities. Audio and visual techniques are used for making the classes highly interactive and interesting. After completing our German Courses in Navi Mumbai, a learner is able to achieve his/her specific goal either it be studying abroad, seeking a job in top company, travel foreign country or others.

The courses are –


A1 Beginner Level

It is the first level of training process in which person can ask and answer simple basic questions about family and surroundings. Student communicates in basic way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly.

A2 Elementary Level

At this level student can understand isolated phrases and common expressions that relate to areas of high personal relevance like family information, shopping, etc.

B1 Intermediate Level

After completion two levels, at this stage students can read and write simple text without errors.

B2 Advanced Level

In this stage, scholars are able to participate in demanding discussions and write and read complex texts in an effective manner.

C1 Level

It is also a major level of learning process. At this stage candidate can produce essays and read newspapers and literature. Students speak fluently without searching words.

C2 Advanced Level

It is last and important level of this learning strategy. At this stage people can speak fluently in the front of native speaker without any hesitation and understand even idiomatic expressions.

GermanNavi Mumbai

GermanNavi Mumbai