German Language Courses in Gurgaon

Foreign Classes is Gurgaon’s most popular and trusted center providing quality and affordable German Classes in Gurgaon for various levels of courses. We not only provide the bookish knowledge but go beyond it making students develop the enhanced knowledge of German language and its related important aspects. We have the team from best of professors in the city.

Why German Language?

German is crucial for study not only in education but music, physics, philosophy, religion, and many other subjects thus; it is highly suggested for the student’s desires to study abroad. It is the indispensable scientific language and is the 2nd most ordinary on the web. As English is closely related with German, learning German Language Course in Gurgaon help student explore the history as well as structure of English. 

Understanding, listening, writing, and communicating German allow a person to travel Germany and interact with more than 100 million people internationally. 

After completing the courses and becoming the fluent speaker, one can easily communicate with people in their own language not only in Germany but Austria also. You can travel Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and various regions of Eastern Belgium, Eastern France, and Northern Italy. Americans are the 2nd largest crowd to come Germany.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

The teaching activities and German course in Gurgaon are designed, planned, and scheduled under the strict supervision of highly qualified and motivated faculty members. We understand that learning foreign language is not all about grammar and vocabulary but cultural aspects of native speakers, history of German, speaking, writing, and reading comprehensions, and lots more. We work very hard with the learners to make them remove the mental blocks by developing the strong confidence.

The courses are –


 A1 Beginner Level

It is the first level of training process in which person can ask and answer simple basic questions about family and surroundings. Student communicates in basic way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly.

A2 Elementary Level

At this level student can understand isolated phrases and common expressions that relate to areas of high personal relevance like family information, shopping, etc.

B1 Intermediate Level

After completion two levels, at this stage students can read and write simple text without errors.

B2 Advanced Level

In this stage, scholars are able to participate in demanding discussions and write and read complex texts in an effective manner.

C1 Level

It is also a major level of learning process. At this stage candidate can produce essays and read newspapers and literature. Students speak fluently without searching words.

C2 Advanced Level

It is last and important level of this learning strategy. At this stage people can speak fluently in the front of native speaker without any hesitation and understand even idiomatic expressions.