German Language Courses in Delhi

Learning second language has become important as it serves as a tool to become a part of globalization. The changing times require us to acquire the knowledge of at least one foreign language. Foreign Classes of Foreign Language provides excellent quality German Classes in Delhi. This academy is amazing for learning foreign language courses.

Our Teaching Method

We use simple method, to encourage our students’ awareness of second language and culture, and to help them gain communicative competence in that scrupulous language.

  • Courses for adults
  • Well-qualified trainers with years of teaching experience at renowned institutes
  • Equal emphasis on all skills-speaking, listening, writing and reading.
  • An introduction to the enthralling German culture through our classes
  • Comfortable class sizes

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide German classes to peoples and encourage sustainable development with innovation in an environment of creative language acquisition.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give unmatched quality service to our prospective students by providing highly qualified and experienced trainers.

The courses are –


 A1 Beginner Level

In this level the student gets to know about the very basic fundamentals of the German language. They understand and use everyday words, sentences, which are much needed in day to day conversation.

 A2 Elementary Level

At this level, students understand sentences and words which are commonly attached with routine and day to day theme.

 B1 Intermediate Level

In this level, students express their emotions, dreams and put forward their opinion on many debatable topics.

 B2 Advanced Level

This is the essential level in learning German language. In this stage, student acquires the ability to understand the thematic and concerns issues of not only simple text but also the complex texts.

 C1 Level

At this stage, students now easily understand, read and speak on various challenging longer text. Candidate acquires the effectiveness and flexibility to converse and write in the field of specialization.

C2 Advanced Level 

It is the last and important level in German learning process. In this level our academy brushing up the skills of the students. After completion of this stage, scholars can fluently speak in front of native speakers.