French Language Courses in Visakhapatnam

You are welcome to join our French Language Course in Visakhapatnam at Foreign Classes Institute which provides language courses on various levels.

At, Foreign Classes Institute, students would obtain hands-on involvement in reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Students secure the applicable abilities of business communication and also learn to communicate effectively.

Being a reliable French Institute in Visakhapatnam, our latest systemic way of teaching provides understanding to get an edge over. Our industry-focused course curriculum gives thorough learning, which qualifies one to meet the demand of future requirements. Our specifically designed courses are avant-garde to the market standard, which prepares the student to go beyond it.

Why Learn French?

  • French is the worldwide dialect of dance, theatre, architecture, the visual arts, fashion as well as haute cuisine.
  • French is spoken by above 200 million individuals, making it the ninth most talked dialect in the world.
  • It is an easy language to learn. It is quite similar to English.
  • You can utilize French to better associate with the world overall.
  • Learning French will offer you excellent job opportunities.

Our French Language Course-

Our French Courses in Visakhapatnam covers different levels of learning this language. The student, who possesses no prior knowledge, can start from beginner level and else can start from intermediate aswell advance levels.

A1 Level (Beginner) 

In this learner can understand the everyday conversation, asking easy questions and answering questions, introducing one with others, asking and providing some information about places.

A2 Level (Elementary)

The learner is capable to understand commonly utilized sentences and expressions. Also able to do an exchange of ideas and information with regards to regular tasks.

B1 Level (Intermediate)

The learner can confront the circumstances which arise in schools, workplace, and leisure. One can explain experiences and ideas as well as thoughts, dreams, in brief, the explanation for opinions and plans.

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

The learner can understand complicate text at the time of technical discussion, theoretical topics. He/she can talk comfortably with a native speaker and can also write a comprehensive text on personal views Ideas and thoughts.

C1 Level (Proficiency) 

The learner can understand a prolong text as well as meaning. He/she can express suddenly thoughts and musings without considering. He/she can also write long texts on complicated topics.

C2 Level (Mastery)

The learner can easily understand every kind of phrase clearly. He/she ready to talk fluently and suddenly, prepared to give public presentations. He/she is able to comprehend meaning between the lines, can compose definite content on complex topics.