French Language Courses in Surat

Foreign classes institute is a French Institute in Surat providing basic to advanced French language classes. We provide French coaching to school students, college students and even working individual.

The experts in our institute are very talented and passionate about educating the French language efficiently by following the modern methodologies of teaching. They concentrate on all the qualities of the French language such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversation in everyday life. Our French teachers ensure the better results for our students while learning the French language with us.

Our Aim

Foreign Classes Institute aims at expanding their academic services to other cities in order to promote foreign language learning in this new era of globalization.

Our Mission

Our only mission is to motivate and encourage students to make learning a new foreign language as a part of their interest and develop their lingual abilities using out international resources as well as methodologies. This is just to help students by giving them a direction that leads to prosper career.

Why Us?

Our training techniques are concentrated on educating aspect of the French language. Faculty will help a student in developing their vocabulary, listening and reading ability. Other advantages he/she will gain are as follows-

  • We purposely prefer to keep the strength of the low so that every student get equal attention and their doubts would get resolve effectively if any.
  • The teaching methodology adopted by our institute is technologically highly advanced which makes your student speak the French language from the day one.
  • Each of our classrooms has Audio-video tools to make learning more fun.
  • Teachers take help of other activates like skit, discussions, debate etc. to make students involve more in the language.
  • Students progress will also be tracked weekly with the assessment.
  • Lastly, the French language faculty at our institute is well qualified and has the certificate of proficiency in a dialect.

Our French Language Course-

If you explore our French Language Course in Surat, you will discover that we provide this course in 6 levels which can be followed systematically in order to get you from basic to advanced level. In each level, you will learn something which is simply related to improving your ability to read, write, speak and listen to the French language perfectly. Here they are –

A1 Level (Beginner)

One will learn the basics and few vocabularies of the French language. Also, start speaking easy phrases used in daily life.

A2 Level (Elementary)

One will be able to introduce himself/herself, speak on a familiar topic like your hobbies, interests, general introduction and lots more.

B1 Level (Intermediate)

One will be able to comprehend and speck on complicated topics like politics and express their views in the French language.

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

One will simply understand and speak on familiar as well as complex topics and express your thoughts and ideas.

 C1 Level (Proficiency)

One is capable to speak fluently and in an organized way to explain his/her thoughts clearly.

C2 Level (Mastery)

The student becomes a master in Spanish language and is able to talk like a native speaker clearly with confidence.