French Language Courses in Noida

Foreign Classes institute leads the excellent and passionate team of exceptional teachers who emphasize quality and motivating education. The French Classes in Noida are provided with methodical study patterns, innovative technology, knowledgeable faculty, and classroom equipped with all the modern day amenities required to deliver learners with the engaging learning environment.

Why French Language?

French is an international language and offers amazing opportunities in the international job market. It is used in various sectors such as dance, business, architecture, education, fashion, automotive, aeronautics, and more. It is the simple language to learn. The ability to speak French in an effective way is an advantage for getting a good job with leading MNCs. 

French language is on the rapid rise and is becoming the favorite choice among foreign language learners. An individual gains the information into an unparalleled cultural universe. It is an analytical language that forms thoughts and develops the critical thinking.

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Our French Language Institute in Noida keeps its focus on all the major 4 sections of foreign language learning including reading, writing, listening and speaking. We deliver the classes to bring out the new growing talent of India. Learners are provided with engaging and interactive learning to improve their written and communication skills. The candidate comes out as an exceptional student who generates the extraordinary results in all the phases of life, be it personal or professional. 

There is no spoon feeding methodology used even every student is taught according to their learning ability to make them learn from their heart and mind. Special attention and complete guidance are provided whenever needed allowing the student to polish their skills and get ready to face the challenging world.

The courses are –

A1 Level (Beginner) 

A learner can identify and make the perfect use of simple words, introduce himself and another person, participate in answer and questions, and can interact in the basic way when another person adopts a slow way of communication.

 A2 Level (Elementary) 

You can understand the words and basic terms allied to aspects of personal life such as family information, immediate environment, shopping, etc. This course provides development of good communication skills making an individual describe the surrounding world and interact immediate requirements.

 B1 Level (Intermediate) 

This French Courses in Noida provides a learner with the ability to understand the essential terms of clear standard speech on frequently-used topics related to school, work or leisure activities. One can easily introduce himself, share the ideas, and give the explanation of something.

 B2 Level (Upper Intermediate) 

A learner is able to easily understand the key terms of concrete or abstract ideas and can interact with excellent confidence, fluency, and smoothness while communicating with the native speaker.

 C1 Level (Proficiency) 

A learner can understand long and difficult texts. They can communicate in an organized manner about various complex topics and develop the well-structured argument.

 C2 Level (Mastery) 

There are no lessons in this French Language Course in Noida as the student just need to talk, read, and converse with native speakers to become the good communicator in this language.