French Language Courses in Nagpur

What eminent place to learn French in India, then at a school better known for its high standards of educating and authentic track record of attaining excellent results?

Learning a new dialect is a joy. It enables you to converge with several different nationalities as well as find other cultures from across the worlds. At Foreign Classes, we have invested all our time and energy into creating a rare, educational environment, that assures all our students have a wondrous linguistic and cultural experience amid learning in a French Institute in Nagpur.

Foreign Classes gives the right direction to the aspiring people dream by offering them a platform to identify their life goal. We invite all the interested students to come and enjoy the exciting learning experience raising the knowledge of the French-speaking nation culture. We always stay well-informed about the current teaching methodologies and advanced training of faculty members.

Salient Features

  • 100% Qualified, Dedicated and Expert.
  • Enthusiastic Teachers - Native & Non-Native, Fluent in French.
  • Small Group Class – Personalized Course the Lead to Outstanding Results.
  • French at the Best Price – Affordable Prices for Great Classes.

Core Values

  • Ability and professionalism is our great tool
  • Creativity and revelry are our way
  • Excellence in quality
  • Consistent innovation is our objective
  • Equal opportunity and diversity is our belief

Our Mission

We trust that creating mutual understanding and going past cross-cultural boundaries through the discovery of languages and cultures can assist humanity to survive in a most respectful world.

Our Vision

Foreign Classes Institute mission is to provide unique opportunities to every individual to enhance their linguistic as well as cultural consciousness by providing French Classes in Nagpur utilizing advanced latest methodology and material as well as programming artistic cases in all disciplines that aid the opulence and variation of cultures from the French-speaking world and beyond.

How Will You Learn French?

This is the main point of concern that how your course will be initialized. Well to clear your doubt here is the answer-

Our French course is divided into 6 levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. All these courses have some very interesting modules for you along with activities which will make learning language experience enjoyable. These levels will take you to the height of proficiency where you can easily utilize you secondary dialect to fulfill your goals.

The Courses Are-

A1 Level (Beginner)

You will learn to read and speak an everyday language such as greetings, personal details.

A2 Level (Elementary)

You will learn to read and speak survival language which means you will start conveying in French about your other activities such as shopping or tell about your family.

B1 Level (Intermediate)

You will start to understand and speak on complicated topics such as your school or work in French.

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

You will now read, write and speak on complicated topics, also take part in an in-depth discussion on topics like politics, economy etc.

C1 Level (Proficiency)

You will now able to understand and speak lengthily and complicate phrases and sub-text. This is the level where your speaking ability in French is up to the mark.

C2 Level (Mastery)

At this point of the course, you only require to talk and read and listen to native speakers to fluent your French.