French Language Courses in Ludhiana

Foreign Classes Institute is backed by the team of experts who are proficient in teaching French. We are putting forth the best spoken French Classes in Ludhiana which is focused on acquiring the excellence in making French a basic talked dialect for career perspective.

The aftereffect of our prosperity can be measured through the number of our satisfied students who have taken this language course. Good communication abilities are must for our career development and French is the most favored foreign language for communication in the corporate world. 

Being the most reputed center offering French speaking course in Ludhiana, we intend to make learning, intuitive and fun environment as we accept if learners will make the most of their classes, at exactly that point they are more inspired to get advance in their studies.

Why Foreign Classes Institute

  • Excellent trainer–student ratio for best individual attention.
  • Frequent audio-video training sessions.
  • Open well-designed classrooms.
  • Special seminars by visiting faculties.
  • Trained experts as supporting staff.
  • Air-conditioned with power back up.

Why Learn the French Language?

  • Above 200 million people speak the French language
  • Other than English, this is most widely spoken the language
  • Opens up opportunities at well known French universities & business schools
  • Learns with a good level of French are eligible for French govt. scholarships as well as PG courses
  • The French language will help you learn other languages as well

The Courses Are-

Foreign Classes has built the solid notoriety broadly as the preeminent provider of French Courses in Ludhiana. We give the extensive variety of French language courses to convey understudies the thorough information of dialect and its way of life with the elite learning experience. Let’s take a quick look at our French courses:

A1 Level (Beginner) 

Under this level one can comprehend ordinary discussion, posing simple inquiries and answering questions, introducing one with others, asking and getting some information about places.

A2 Level (Elementary)

One can be able to understand ordinarily used sentences and expressions.

B1 Level (Intermediate)

One can be able to defy the conditions which emerge in schools, workplace, and recreation. One can likewise write a content on simple and common themes.

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

One can without much of stretch comprehends entangle content at the time of technical discussion, theoretical topics.

C1 Level (Proficiency)

One can understand a prolong text as well as meaning. Furthermore, one can write explained message on convolute points.

C2 Level (Mastery)

One can be able to talk fluidly and prepared to give open introductions. He/she will move toward becoming an expert in the dialect.