French Language Courses in Lucknow

French Institute in Lucknow, welcomes all the individuals interested in learning the French language, literature, culture, and civilization. At Foreign Classes Institute, the array of courses offers the agreeable and fast way to learn the new dialect and appreciates the superb advantages of it. Since the day of inception, our institute has trained large numbers of students to gain the learning skills and speaks the language of heaven. We commit that you would come out from our institute as an ace in language and we fulfill the commitment.

Why French Language?

The French-speaking population is the rapidly developing part of the world involving the big community that shares products, services, culture, provide business and uncommon growth opportunities. Learning this language helps a person lots in terms of enhanced education career, job opportunities, traveling advantages, and more.

Here are the main reasons that make it an individual to learn French and enjoy the numerous advantages:

  • You will discover the French population on all the continents around the globe.
  • It is the language of well-educated in parts of Southeast Asia, North Africa and much of western.
  • French is the language of business.
  • French is the language of technology and medicine
  • French is the language of influential, religious and intellectual movements.
  • French is the language of tourism.
  • French is easy to learn

Advantages of Learning at Our Institute

Our team of enthusiastic and experienced faculty members is dedicated to assisting interested student transition into the new cultural setting by learning the French Language Course in Lucknow. Our courses or classes are extremely adaptable to balance with a wide range of competency levels, from the starter, elementary to completely advanced ones as well as several learning preferences, timings, and styles.

Learning the French language turns out to be easy and an extremely pleasant experience by joining our tailored French Classes in Lucknow that is also available online. Different group activities and fun exercises are designed to allow the student to increase their interest in learning more and discover the French in-depth. 

At the end of the course, a learner comes out with the divine language proficiency enhancing the top skills required to read, write, and speak French. They are able to accomplish the goal they set.

The courses are-

Foreign Classes has built the reliable reputation nationally as the supreme provider of French Courses in Lucknow. We give the wide range of French language courses to deliver students the comprehensive knowledge of language and its culture with the elite learning experience. Let us take a quick look at our French courses:

A1 Level (Beginner) 

Under this level one can understand the everyday conversation, asking easy questions and answering questions, introducing one with others, asking and providing some information about places.

 A2 Level (Elementary) 

One can be able to understand commonly utilized sentences and expressions.

 B1 Level (Intermediate) 

One can be able to confront the circumstances which arise in schools, workplace, and leisure. One can also write a text on easy and usual topics.

 B2 Level (Upper Intermediate) 

One can easily understand complicate text at the time of technical discussion, theoretical topics.

 C1 Level (Proficiency) 

One can understand a prolong text as well as meaning. Additionally, one can write elaborated text on complicated topics.

 C2 Level (Mastery) 

One can be able to talk fluently and ready to give public presentations. He/she will become a master in the language.