French Language Courses in Hyderabad

Learning a second language is now an important aspect of a prosperous career. And following this Melhor Institute brings you up an opportunity to gain proficiency in speaking any outside language. Melhor Institute is a leading institute offering a French Language Course in Hyderabad.

At Melhor Institute you can register for either short-term or long-term courses. Our entire French language course helps you to attain a complete skill in speaking, writing, reading and listening to a language. Additionally, the institute offers you a friendly environment so that student show their full interest in learning language whole-heartedly n a very simple and joyful way.

Our Teachers

All the teachers at Melhor Institute are either native or non-native speakers. They are highly skilled and have university degrees with a particular training in teaching a foreign language. Also, some of them have good teaching experience as well. 

Among our faculties, there are teachers who came from several parts of the European world or have been quite trained in speaking countries. This fact makes the student to connect with the foreign language variants and provide a multicultural perspective of the learning process.

Our Mission

Melhor Institute aims at providing finest French language courses to students and corporate workers with considering any age-group, as learning is not measured with age. Our only motive is to develop their ability of bilingualism for the better survival in the worldwide community.

Why Choose Us?

You will amaze with the learning schedule which is quite convenient so that everyone is compatible with the timing as well as the environment. The weekend batches start every month. The well qualified and certified French language professionals are always prepared to deliver their knowledge and learning among learners.

  • Skilled teachers with many years of experience
  • Small size batch is preferred for teaching
  • Similar focus on all four skills- Speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Comprehensive and easy course material
  • Individual attention to every student is granted
  • Progress of every student will be tracked by weekly assessment.

The courses are –

 A1 Level (Beginner) 

Can be able to take part in a basic factual conversation on a predictable topic. Basic vocabulary will be taught.

 A2 Level (Elementary) 

Can be able to understand and read clearly simple texts, report on familiar matters. Can be able to introduce himself/herself.

 B1 Level (Intermediate) 

Can understand routine articles and information and read, write and speak on difficult topics.

 B2 Level (Upper Intermediate) 

Can be able to scan texts for relevant information and understand detailed instructions and advice. Can be able to take part in a discussion on difficult topics.

C1 Level (Proficiency) 

Can read speedily enough to cope with an academic course, read the media for information. Can easily converse with the native speaker of the language.

 C2 Level (Mastery) 

Can understand documents including the finer points of complex texts. Under this level, he/she will acquire mastery in speaking the French language fluently and clearly without any hesitation.