French Language Courses in Dehradun

The Foreign Classes Institute is committed to giving quality French Language Course in Dehradun for the benefit of all learners across the world. The institute is renowned for its outstanding educational standards and their dedication to bilingual education and multiculturalism.

The French trainer at Foreign Classes has a good knowledge of the language and is well versed in speaking the same. The trainer speaks only French while teaching using a wide spectrum of educational strategies. The major goal of this type, of course, is for students to become adept in the French language along with English, and to enhance the cultural awareness.

Why French Language?

Learning the French Language at French Institute in Dehradun holds several benefits from which the learner is unaware of. So, we listed them below.

  • Learning French can provide you an opportunity to study in a reputed university in France.
  • The great benefit of the national job as well as a tourism market
  • French is a key to international organizations
  • More than 220 million people talk in French, on 5 continents
  • French is the language of art, love & beauty

Why Foreign Classes Institute?

  • Standard education and individual attention are given to the student
  • Faculties involve well-trained native or near-native speakers
  • Small class-size is preferable
  • The curriculum and methodology are organized to make you start speaking in French quickly and effectively
  • Comprehensive course syllabus
  • Organize some activities for better understand and smooth learning of the language and its culture

The courses are –

Our French Classes in Dehradun is just not meant for learning a language, but to understand its culture and literature. For this, the French language is taught in 6 levels, which starts from beginner level and ends at advanced.

A1 Level (Beginner) 

Learners are able to introduce themselves effectively and vocalize about their interests, specify where they reside, describe relationships etc.

 A2 Level (Elementary) 

Learners are able to converse and interact on the subjects they familiar with, such as work, school etc.

 B1 Level (Intermediate) 

Learners are able to communicate with a comfort in French on familiar subjects with native speakers.

 B2 Level (Upper Intermediate) 

Learners are able to speak with comfort as well as frankness. It is likewise the level of language expertise that many French universities need from undergraduate foreign students.

 C1 Level (Proficiency) 

Learners are able to express themselves frankly and fluently in professional, social and academic circumstances without any obvious difficulty in searching the right words.

 C2 Level (Mastery) 

Learners are able to easily comprehend almost everything they read or hear and can talk and express themselves just like a native French speaker.