French Language Courses in Allahabad

Foreign Classes institute is the French Language Institute in Allahabad providing both online and conventional classes as per the student’s choice and preference. Interactive, motivating, and interesting classes are provided to enable teachers and students to interact with each other in a real-time. In LIVE online French Classes in Allahabad, learners can see the teacher through web camera, raise the queries, and make comments to clarify the doubt and get enhanced French learning.

Why French Language?

One question definitely takes birth in the mind of every person planning to learn a foreign language that is why learns only French when they have multiple options to choose from. If you also having this confusion then the following facts will remove this doubt:

  • The official language in 29 nations such as Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Monaco, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Seychelles, Vanuatu, and more.
  • Spoken by 77 million native speakers and around 190 million by other language speakers.
  • 3rd most useful language in the business domain.
  • Europe’s second spoken language.
  • Opens the world of opportunities for French speakers

Benefits of Learning at Our Institute

Recognized as India’s no.1 foreign language institute, Foreign Classes has trained a large number of students who are currently working in the leading organizations and achieving the tremendous success in different aspects of life. The group of experienced faculty members analyzes the learning goals of students and then provides the personalized classes.

  • LIVE online classes through web
  • French literature, language, and cultural knowledge
  • Interactive classes with audio video technologies
  • Personality development and placement assistance
  • Basic to mastery/proficiency level French Language Course in Allahabad

The courses are –

Foreign Classes institute is pleased to announce their best French Courses in Allahabad intended for all levels of students desire to learn French or gain mastery in this foreign language. Learners during the course are taught various core competencies such as written expression and comprehension, listening comprehension, oral expression, and more. Courses are as follows:

A1 Level (Beginner)

It is the basic course for beginners interested to learn French and includes common content such as greetings, etc. A learner gains the capability to understand essential phrases and frequently used words.

 A2 Level (Elementary) 

It includes general knowledge of French such as employment, local geography, and information. A learner articulates him/herself in basic French.

 B1 Level (Intermediate) 

This course includes basic content with phrases used in everyday life such as the educational world or workplace. At the end of this course, a leaner speak the language with great confidence and accuracy in various situations like traveling. He/she can give their viewpoint and also provide an explanation for it.

 B2 Level (Upper Intermediate) 

During this level, a student is able to converse with the French with ease and smoothness and also get the ability to write detailed and concise text.

 C1 Level (Advanced) 

When an individual learns this course, he/she is able to generate detailed text using well-structured patterns. The course topic consists of academic, professional, and social context.

 C2 Level (Proficiency ) 

It is the mastery or advanced French language course which provides learner the ability to summarize the challenging information, introduce themselves confidently and different meanings in various difficult situations.