French Language Courses in Mumbai

Foreign Classes of Foreign Language is one of the leading French Institute in Mumbai offering readings, writing and speaking courses in other languages. We focus on the modern teaching method and help to explore the ability of bilingualism in every student. With the fast-growing globalization world, it is extremely important to learn the different language and speak fluently in front of others. Every course will be delivered by our trained and experienced professional teachers who are fluent in a foreign language with all sense. Our trustworthy and experienced trainers help you to get the best job opportunities in multinational companies.

Why Us?

Our institute guides you in every step during the course to set a benchmark once you complete the course.

  • First class facility
  • Well-trained and experienced trainers
  • Provide security facility
  • Library facility
  • Provide best job opportunities
  • Boost up the skills of students
  • Classroom furnished with audio/video facility

Teaching Module

Our teaching methodology focused on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of the students. We use an interactive method that focuses on effective communication skills. Through this method, we enable learners to have a quick grasp of the language. Our institute not only concentrates on improving language skills of the students but also improve their overall personality.

The courses are –

A1 Beginner Level 

This level is a beginner stage which is designed to introduce the language to the students. At this level, student understands basic grammar and letters as well as speak common greetings and dialogues.

A2 Elementary Level 

It is an intermediate level in which student exposed to higher level of grammar and vocabulary and communicate with others in basic French.

B1 Intermediate Level 

After the completion of an A2 level, the next level is advance level. At this level students starts to learn to read small texts and books on a simple day to day themes.

B2 Advanced Level 

At this level students obtain the skill to understand the thematic issues of not only simple texts but also in a complex one.

C1 Level 

It is the proficiency level and at this level students acquire the effectiveness and flexibility to write in their specialization field.

C2 Advanced Level 

This is the master stage of the language and at this level, our experienced trainers boost up the skills of the students and help them to speak fluently in front of native French speakers.