French Language Courses in Delhi

Learning does not mean classroom only need a tutor or mentor for guiding!

Knowledge of French opens the door of success throughout the world in various sectors, especially in tourism. Grasping knowledge and implementing it to make a career is not an easy step. 

Foreign Classes of Foreign Language is one of the finest platforms which provide best French Classes in Delhi. We offer both short-term and long-term courses. All of our courses help you to attain an overall ability in the target language. The main objective of this center is to increase awareness among students and help them to gain communicative competence in a particular language. The institute offers an amicable environment so that student can learn the language is a very easy and joyful way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide French language courses to students and corporate workers without any restriction of age as well as develop their ability of bilingualism for the better survival in the global community.

Our Goal

Our goal as a foreign language institute is to encourage students to learn different languages and varied culture that help them to expand communicative skills in their own area of specialization.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give high-quality service to our students by providing top qualified and experienced trainers and in turn, allow them to be high professionals in their meticulous language.

Why Choose Us

You will find the learning schedule extremely convenient so that everyone is compatible with timing and environment. The weekend batches are starting every month. Our experienced, well qualified and certified French language professionals are always ready to download their knowledge and learning among learners.

  • Skilled teachers with several years of teaching experience
  • Comfortable class sizes
  • Importance of actually using and experiencing French in practical, real-life situations, rather than memorizing theoretical details
  • Equal highlighting on all four skills- Speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • An introduction to the fascinating French culture through our classes

The courses are –

A1 Beginner Level 

This is the first learning stage of French language where the student learn basic sentences and words and it is very essential in day to day conversation.

 A2 Elementary Level 

This level is the second stage of the learning process. In which student learn sentences and words which are commonly attached with routine.

 B1 Intermediate Level 

After this stage, the next level is advance level in which students get familiar with standard language which helps them to express their emotions and dreams or put forward their opinion on many debatable topics.

B2 Advanced Level

It is a major level of French language learning process. At this level, students communicate fluently with the native French speakers without any hesitation.

 C1 and C2 Advanced Level 

At this level, a student enters the higher level of the language and easily read and speak on several challenging longer texts.

It is the last and important level of this process. At this level, we focus on brushing up the skills of the students.