French Language Courses in Chennai

Thinking of French? Then think here and now. Foreign Classes of foreign language. As a premier language center in Chennai they helped hundreds of individuals by providing French Courses in Chennai. We established with the aim of offering quality educations to enables people of different backgrounds to use language effectively. Bilingualism is very important for success in life. We experiments with new technologies and challenges to create fun activities and better learning techniques. We train people from all aspects of life such as businessmen, school students, professionals and housewives.

Our Methodology

We follow a teaching methodology which is innovative, interactive as well as informative. A student who is not capable for speaking in beginning soon communicates with ease and fluently.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to encourage students to learn and develop their lingual skills using innovative methodology and resources.


The courses are –

We train students at 6 different levels in French, ranging from beginner to professional.

Course Detail

  • A1 Beginner Level
    At this level scholars understand the use of familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases. They can introduce themselves in front of others and can ask some simple questions.
  • A2 Elementary Level
    It is essential level of learning process; at this level students can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of relevance.
  • B1 Intermediate Level
    At this level, persons understand the essential points of clear standard input on familiar matters frequently meet in work, schools, etc.
  • B2 Advanced Level
    It is a major and important level of course in which student understand the thematic issues and comfortably communicates with others.
  • C1 Level
    In this level people understand a wide range of longer texts as well as express their words and sentences fluently without any hesitation.
  • C2 Advanced Level
    This is a proficient level of learning process. At this level our experienced trainers upgrade the knowledge and ability of the students.