French Language Courses in Chennai

The Lingua Academy International Group is the pioneer in foreign language training through Music and Music through foreign languages. 

Experience the Dance of Musical Lullabies with the Harmony of Languages enhancing the quality your life and career in a peaceful method for French, Russian, Spanish and other foreign languages. 

The Musical atmosphere combined with our fun based learning system through Songs, videos, movies, role plays and classroom theatre plays within a small group, develops language and speaking skills without too much effort in a very short span of time. 

We are Un-complicating the world for Business and Business Owners, Individuals and Corporates in our 15 affiliated branches in Chennai for over a decade, our exclusive services of Training and Translation are now available in Jainagar, Bengaluru. 

Learning the Foreign Language in Chennai is the demand of society, it may be French, Spanish or Russian. It is very important to look for the Best French institute in Chennai, if you want to understand the basics of the French language. As we all the market is full of institute and learning centre and competition are going harsh these days. Millions of students are passed out every year through regular courses and private courses. Only the students who are having good command over French Languages Course in Chennai are able to survive in this competitive world. 

A diploma or Degree in French Languages in Chennai from a reputable institute can save the student from depression and embarrassment being jobless.

Now, you are wondering how these French language classes in Chennai can make your future bright and successful. French is one of the most speaking and popular languages. It is better to approach a most common foreign language institute in Chennai to give a better shape for a career.

Basic Services offered:

  • Professional Training for French and Other Foreign Languages
  • Online (Skype), WhatsApp, Individual Private 121 classes and Home Classes for French and Other Foreign Languages
  • Tutoring and Tuition Services for all boards (State Board / CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE) for French and Other Foreign Languages
  • Translation for French and Other Foreign Languages
  • Interpretation for French and Other Foreign Languages
  • Spoken Courses for French and Other Foreign Languages
  • Immigration Courses and Courses for Studies in Foreign Universities for French and Other Foreign Languages
  • Cross Culture and Cultural Sensitivity Training
  • Short Term Courses for travelers and business professionals
  • Teachers Training for inspired and interested candidates.
  • Training the Trainer
  • Course Counseling

About Us

Bonjour / ????????f???? / Hi 


This is Kaushik Sethuraman from The Lingua Academy International. We are a Foreign Language and Music Academy with 15 branches in Chennai operating for the past Decade having trained over 10000 candidates from various walks of life.


  • Training is given for Foreign Languages through Music.
  • Training for Music through Foreign Languages << French and Russian >> for Foreign Students who do not speak English.


  • We specialize in Foreign Language Translation, Interpretation, Proofreading, Video to Text, Audio to Text and Vice versa.
  • WANT TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS ABROAD? We support and aid companies and business owners EXPAND existing business and WIN new BUSINESS in FOREIGN COUNTRIES with our multi cross-cultural and social knowledge about the countries we deal with thereby CREATING STRONG BONDS THAT LAST A LIFETIME.
  • We can help you win MILLION and BILLION DOLLAR deals and FOREIGN INVESTMENTS through our translation, Interpretation and etiquette services.
  • We can effectively market and sell any product in the European and African continent through our language skills and very sensitive cultural awareness.
  • We help and aid entrepreneurs and enterprises to set up stalls in any country and market their services or products through languages.


  • Professional Training is given for Carnatic Vocals and Veena. Training Available through French and Russian.
  • Concerts for Classical, Devotional and Light music for all parties, celebrations and auspicious gathering.
  • Vocal and Instrumental concerts.