French Language Courses in Bangalore

Foreign Classes of Foreign Language is a remarkable education center for providing French Language Course in Bangalore. Our talented and experienced trainers provide both group classes and private tuition for all levels, age group and demands of the students. French language is gaining more importance in multinational companies and growing job opportunities for the French speaking people. With the support of our institute students get great chance in the field of teaching, translation, interpretation, hospitality industry, etc.

Our Aim

Our aim to expand our academics services to other cities to promote foreign language learning in this new era of globalization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage students to learn and develop their lingual skills using our international resources and technologies.


The courses are –

We train students at 6 different levels in French, ranging from beginner to professional.

Course Detail

  • A1 Beginner Level
    At this level students learn familiar words and simple phrases for concrete purpose. They learn simple and basic sentences about home, family and surroundings.
  • A2 Elementary Level
    In this level people understand isolated phrases and common expressions that relate with personal relevance.
  • B1 Intermediate Level
    At this level persons understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar subject in work, school activities, etc.
  • B2 Advanced Level
    Students comfortably communicate with others at this level as well as clearly express their opinion and ideas in front of others.
  • C1 Level
    At this level scholars express him or her freely, without obviously fumbling for words and speak clear in an organized way.
  • C2 Advanced Level
    In this stage students understand almost everything. They speak comfortably and read easily.