French Language Courses in Ahmadabad

Foreign Classes of Foreign Language is a well-recognized language institute, which provides high-quality French Classes in Ahmadabad. This institute gives you the way to communicate with different peoples, bring confident to step out and help to explore the beauty & culture across the world. Knowledge of French helps to increase your better job opportunity as well as salary potential. Learning this language enhance your grammar skills and improve your score on the verbal section.

Our Mission

We are providing multilingual communication program to develop the capacity and strength of the students. Our enormous ranges of courses have been designed with the utmost care and expertise to cater to the needs of our precious clientele.

Our Vision

We strive to inspire a broad base of students from all walks of life by stimulating them with confidence and enthusiasm to pursue their dreams without any linguistic impediment.

Why Foreign Classes

  • Customized training as per student requirements
  • Well-experienced and highly qualified trainers.
  • Audio-video based learning classes
  • Step by step preparation
  • Limited batch size
  • Personalized attention
  • Get a certificate at the end of the course!

The courses are –

A1 Beginner Level 

The first stage is the basic course for a beginner who has never had any prior basic knowledge of French. In this level students introduced to basic grammar and vocabulary.

A2 Elementary Level 

After completion of the first level, Student enters in the second level. At this stage, the student acquires the ability to answer and ask simple questions and make simple sentences.

B1 Intermediate Level 

The scholars in this level have the ability to link sentences and write short factual texts like describe personal interest, experiences, and events, dreams, hopes, ambitions, etc.

B2 Advanced Level 

AT this level, students reach the height of impulsiveness with the regular interaction in a variety of topics and explain them easily. They are able to understand the major ideas of a complex text.

C1 Level 

At this level, a student has the ability to express own opinion, write different types of texts, and communicate complex ideas in an effective manner. They can easily understand all text and speak confidentially in front of native speakers.

C2 Advanced Level

It is the last and important stage of this learning process. In this level, the candidate is able to work in all areas of professional activities. Students understand all complex phrases and speak fluently in front of others.