Foreign Classes is the one-stop destination that is established to enable people to start speaking in English. The institute, since inception, has trained large numbers of students with great dedication and applying right teaching methodologies. Our English Speaking Courses in Patna is custom-made to push you to create your own sentences and is not only about revising our material. Learn and practice grammar, vocabulary, as well as expressions for use in daily life.

Why Learn English?

English is not only a language, but it also changes your complete lifestyle. It is your ticket to a big career. Good command over this language develops great confidence level within you. It shapes you into a dominant and optimistic personality. It does not just assist you to turn out to be successful but additionally supports you become perfect in everything you do.

What We Provide You?

Our main aim is to encourage our students to become capable of speaking English fluently. But, apart from this, we have other things to offer to our keen learners when they take up our English courses, such as-

  • Our trainers will give Individual attention to every student in a class
  • We focus more on practical training
  • A protected atmosphere for female students
  • We provide a positive learning atmosphere
  • Our staff is very supportive staff
  • We conduct regular tests to see the performance of each student
  • We conduct extra classes for weak students when required
  • Comprehensive and well-organized study material for students
  • Doubt clearing sessions for learners whenever required
  • Well-furnished completely air-conditioned classrooms

We check your language level prior to you begin learning. It assists us to comprehend your learning needs. You join a small group of keen learners whose level of English meets with yours. This makes every learner feel ‘equal’ and so, easy for all new learners.