Language is used as the medium to express your ideas and the viewpoint in a more productive way. The main aim of learning a language is to describe literature of that specific language and utilize it. In today’s way of living, English has given importance than any other language and speaking English has become a matter of pride.

Provided that the English are among the highly spoken and mostly utilize languages all over the world, boosting abilities to know this language can improve your career growth as well as personal viewpoint too. The English Speaking Courses in Kanpur by Foreign Classes empowers you to gain that skill that backs up you to achieve success and high standards in the society and get the talent to communicate your thoughts in an accurate, efficient, and fabulous manner.

About Foreign Classes Institute

Foreign Classes is established to provide world-class English training to the people who want to learn to speak, read, write and listen in English. We feel pleased by saying that so far we have trained large numbers of students with the help of our systematic approach to teaching. Also, our English course increases the confidence of students improving their professional prospects.

Advantages of Learning to Speak English with Us

  • Well-qualified and highly experienced trainers.
  • Quality assessed training program.
  • Activity-based training program.
  • Spacious classrooms.
  • Utilizing updated and extensively accepted course material.
  • Using high-tech technologies for teaching.
  • Each batch consists of 6 - 8 students only.


Our vision is to provide the challenging learning atmosphere that rouses high expectations for achievement by means of knowledge construction, the growth of skills and support of values


Foreign Classes seeks to give the education that will encourage students to attain the highest standards of academic and individual development to develop into inspired as well as caring builders of the future.