Chinese Language Courses in Delhi

Being Premier Chinese Institute in Delhi, Foreign Classes of Foreign Languages provides excellent quality instruction in Chinese language. In combination with the passion for language learning and several years of experience, Foreign Classes’s talented team of teachers has a proven track of records of success in accomplishing proficiency for their students.

How We Teach

Foreign Classes takes a flexible approach to teaching that takes into account every student’s interests, learning style and language learning goals. While Foreign Classes has been deliberate in designing a curriculum and developing course materials for its classes that will be quite useful for the large number of students. The particular topics covered are completely adaptable to match with the student’s requirements.

Chinese Language Course in Delhi

Corporate Training

Under this course, we offer Chinese language training and cultural orientation to companies and enterprise. This is to train students to develop their communication skills both in listening as well as speaking forms in order to run business in a Chinese language environment.

Chinese for Young Learners

This course is specially designed for kids of age between 3-13. This program helps kids to speak, listen, read and write in Chinese language. In this, kids will learn the general Chinese words like daily greetings, and general Chinese conversation in a friendly environment.

General Chinese Course

This is the general Chinese language course for all the beginners with or without the prior knowledge about this language. Our main motive is to grow learner’s ability to implement the language in life precisely and for learners to be confident in usual social conversation.

One Year Program

This program begins with the complete overview of language and learning Chinese pronunciation. You will also learn about formation of the written Chinese characters and the formation of words.

HSK Test Preparation

Foreign Classes of Foreign Languages is the best to do the preparation of HSK Test. For Test Preparation, we provide only experts native teachers who helped students to go through HSK test simply. HSK certification is broadly identified measure of one’s Chinese language proficiency level.