Chinese Language Courses in Chennai

Being a growing Chinese Institute in Chennai, Foreign Classes of Foreign Languages not only specialized in teaching Chinese language, additionally demonstrated a knowledge into the manners, societies and experience of life in China. The students are trained with a vision to appear for the Mandarin Chinese Proficiency tests YCT, HSK and get a globally perceived authentication toward the finish of each course.

Chinese is Boon for Your Career!

  • Worldwide businesses want to hire individual who can speak more than one language. China has turned into a huge market, and business pioneers are searching for individuals who can speak Chinese and work effectively in a Chinese cultural context.
  • Knowing Chinese may give you an edge when seeking a vital position.
  • China will assume a noteworthy part in world affairs in the future. As China now has opened up to the West, there are opportunities for employment in all areas.
  • China is a great nation in which to teach English while building up your language and cultural skills. The experience is excellent as well as it's something you will always remember.

The study of Chinese literature and culture will help you connect the cultural gap, better comprehend your Chinese counterparts, and make a stage of learning and understanding with them that is urgent for powerful communication.

Our System of Teaching

  • Communicated in Mandarin Chinese is the specialty of our institute. Students can move further to the next level according to their needs. Stress will be given on speech.
  • Small groups and tranquil environment to take into account the individual needs of students. Inventive thoughts to make the students understand by utilizing audio-visual aids, flash cards, books and articles from China to make the Chinese environment is likewise encouraged.

Chinese Language Courses in Chennai -

 I. Elementary Level 

This course is composed especially for grown-ups who having ZERO and an exceptionally constrained earlier learning in Mandarin Chinese and will most likely be unable to read Simplified Chinese ‘PINYIN’ or Characters. Ailing in common Chinese words and it discover hard to answer basic simple questions in Chinese. In this we will teach fundamental Chinese Pronunciation and how to improve basic conversation like to begin with Greetings, Self-Intro and more.

II. Intermediate Level

This program is intended to present basic strokes and writing the characters known as Hanzi. Amid the whole session we will instruct 600 to 900 fundamental characters. At the end of the session or completion of the course students are capable to talk easily and identify characters. With no hesitation students will be able to read and write the Simplified Chinese Characters. Students can be an ace in the essential rules of grammar in Chinese. An individual is capable to write basic sentences to express.

 III.    Advance Level 

After the completion of course, students can talk and impart properly. Ideally able to write and read. Students can simply take part in any conversation or debate like in social, economic and personal topics with Native Chinese Speakers.