Chinese Language Courses in Bangalore

We at Foreign Classes of Foreign Languages are bound to make learning a new language an easy and fun-filled. Being an esteemed Chinese Institute in Bangalore, we believe in disseminate Chinese language and culture to non-Chinese learners with the help of formal and informal learning opportunities.

Our Mission

As a Language Centre -

To give Chinese language learning for personal as well as professional use and enrichment. Classes a taught in a wide number of levels such as beginning, intermediate & advanced. 

As a Cultural Centre -

To teach regarding the Chinese culture and language course involving but not restricted to business, hospitality and commerce.

The Foreign Classes of Foreign Languages is a dedicated institute for providing Chinese Language Course in Bangalore. The institute is run by team of professionals who are well- versed in speaking and teaching Chinese.

Why to Learn Chinese Language?

1.    Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world

2.    Chinese is fun, interesting and easy language

3.    Talking Chinese helps you to understand Chinese culture, history and literature.

4.    Chinese language abilities are a resume-builder. Knowing Chinese may give you an edge when competing for employment.

Chinese Language Course in Bangalore -

The Chinese language course is divided into 6 parts. Each part has listening, reading, speaking and writing as it essentials. They are -


 I. Elementary Level

•    The introduction to Chinese 

•    Learn about reading as well as writing Chinese characters

•    Listening comprehension and speaking. 

•    Obtain knowledge about Chinese history and culture

Elementary Chinese is generally introduced as two complementary courses.

II. Intermediate Level

•    Learn about themes and language structures 

•    Reading and writing Chinese characters. 

•    Learn about sentence structure and informal Chinese expressions 

•    Learn modern texts and literature written in Chinese. 

•    More emphasize on Conversational activities 

Like elementary Chinese, intermediate Chinese is also divided in a 2-course format.

III.    Advance Level

•    Oral exhibitions and discussions in Chinese 

•    Class work is intended to extend student vocabulary and calibrate talking and listening aptitudes. 

•    Talking and reading speed, alongside expanded levels of reading comprehension

This is also parted into two courses. Notwithstanding putting extreme concentration on student conversational abilities, this course may take cases from Chinese TV, radio and Internet sources to test comprehension.