Chinese Language Courses in Ahmadabad

Welcome to the world of prominent Chinese Institute in Ahmedabad providing high level Chinese language program useful for everyone. Here at Foreign Classes of Foreign Languages, one can develop their personality by enhancing multiple aspects to face challenging world of tomorrow.

Our Aim

We aimed to offer fine-quality, exceptional, updated, modish and flexible Chinese language course in Ahmedabad combined with soft skill training to promote lifelong learning at very competitive cost.

Benefit of learning a Foreign Language

  • Very much in-demand in MNCs.
  • Enhances intellect
  • Helps developing multitasking skills
  • Broadens knowledge base about distinct cultures
  • Large scope of travelling across the globe
  • Easy to communicate with people

Chinese Language Course –

The Chinese language course is designed as per the requirements of each student who has a desire to learn this extremely beneficial language. The course is divided into three levels, in which each of them is divided into two sub parts. They are-

A1 Elementary Level

1.    General introduction to Chinese characters

2.    Basic sentence structure and grammar

3.    Pronunciation of Chinese Pinyin

A2 Elementary Level

1.    Understanding of the sentences

2.    Asking and answering simple question

3.    Improve basic conversation with the help of self-intro, daily greetings etc.

B1 Intermediate Level

1.    Learn more than 1000 new characters

2.    Can read and talk easily

3.    Indentify Chinese characters

B2 Advanced Level

1.    Able to talk without hesitation

2.    Discuss on complicate issues

3.    Able to read and write Simplified Chinese Characters

4.    Can introduce themselves.

C1 Level 

1.    Student can talk and impart perfectly

2.    Able to read and write perfectly

 C2 Advanced Level

1.    Simply take part in conversation and debate on various topics

2.    Can speak fluently like a native Chinese speaker.