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56 Helpful Spanish Phrases that are Frequently Used For Traveling

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Do you plan for a trip to the Spanish speaking country with your spouse first time? If yes, then why don’t you join the Spanish Language Classes in Bangalore for a perfect trip experience within the country? If you have little bit knowledge of the Spanish language then you can easily discover the tradition, variety of cuisines, lifestyle, and culture of the country without taking help of the travel guides.

The Spanish language can be widely spoken in 21 countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela, etc. By learning the Spanish language from the Foreign Classes then you’ll be better able to communicate with Spanish speakers fluently.


Being learner of the Spanish uses the latest techniques to get aware of the language and do more practice for the fluency in the communication with your companions. For the blissful journey, you should learn important words and phrases of the Spanish language. When you are on the trip to any country where Spanish is an official tongue then you will experience the realness how people speak Spanish fluently from them. You can easily correct your pronunciation of the Spanish language with the help of native speakers.

Learning of the Spanish may be possible with your day to day routine if you watch Spanish movies, listen to songs in Spanish, etc. So, if your eyes can read Spanish while your ears listen to it, you’re setting yourself up for successful learning.

Here are some of the useful phrases are demonstrated below for the travelers who wish to explore the Spanish speaking country with their spouse. They can use these Spanish phrases at the time of their traveling to the country take a look:

How to Greetings with people?

If you are a beginner then first learn how to greet the people of the Spanish speaking country. These countries are very polite societies being the learner of the Spanish language you must say “hello” and “how are you?” to the local people. If you make mistake, then don’t worry about this. If you want to learn Spanish tongue perfectly then just try your best.

  • Good morning – Buenos días
  • Good afternoon – Buenas tardes
  • Good evening – Buenas noches
  • Hi – Hola
  • Good, Thank You – bien, gracias
  • Please – Por favor
  • Thank you – Gracias
  • ¿Habla inglés? – Do you speak English?

Learn the basic vocabulary of the Spanish language

If you are in the Spanish speaking country then learn easy-to-remember words and phrases to connect with the local’s people of the country. For instance,

  • I want, I don’t want – Yo quiero, yo no quiero
  • I would like (more polite) – Me gustaría
  • Where is – ¿Dónde está?
  • How much does it cost – ¿Cuánto cuesta?
  • What time is it? – ¿Qué hora es?
  • Do you have? – ¿Tiene?
  • I have, I don’t have – Yo tengo, yo no tengo
  • I understand, I don’t understand – Yo entiendo, yo no entiendo
  • Do you understand? – ¿Entiende?

How to order cuisines in the restaurant?

Learn the common words and phrases of Spanish are most important if you want to communicate with native people. If you get familiar with the Spanish words then you will easily make the order of your favorite cuisines in the restaurants. If you are in the restaurant you can ask anything by using few phrases which are demonstrated below take a look:

  • A table – Una mesa
  • A table for two, three, four – Una mesa para dos tres, cuatro
  • A menu – Un menú
  • Soup – Sopa
  • Salad – Ensalada
  • Hamburger (Another necessity!) – Hamburguesa
  • With ketchup, mustard, tomato, lettuce – Con salsa de tomate, mostaza, tomate, lechuga
  • An appetizer – Una entrada
  • Dessert – Un postre
  • A drink – Una bebida
  • Water – Agua
  • Red wine, white whine – Vino tinto, vino blanco
  • Beer – Cerveza
  • Coffee – Un café
  • Calling a waiter or waitress – ¡Señor! or ¡Señorita!
  • The check – La cuenta

These are simple words and phrases which you can learn before traveling to the Spanish speaking countries. To get familiar with the Spanish language then one of the best ways to learn the language is to join the best Spanish Language Institute in Bangalore for better learning about the lifestyle, culture, and tradition of the other countries.



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